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Research program

Purpose and organization

The purpose of the research (Research) programs – conduct fundamental research in the chosen area, performance of original and of scientific value of the findings, writing and defense of a thesis. In scientific and technical subjects the thesis work is often part of a larger study conducted by the University. This allows the student to become part of an actual research team and gain valuable for future career and personal growth experience and a deep knowledge of the subject. Research programs can include a small teaching modules on statistics, special software and hardware for PC, the selection and use of research methods, scientific writing and data presentation.

Teaching methods

  • Mostly independent work, demonstrating a high degree of intellectual independence of students, their skills of self-organization, project management, ability to plan your time.
  • Work with the supervisor (one or two): meetings every few weeks to discuss the intermediate results of the problem. The format of the supervision depends on the subject.

The research program also aims to develop necessary research skills: project management, planning, self-organization and other necessary in the chosen subject area skills.

Much attention in the learning process the integration of students into an academic community, learning different ways of functioning and information exchange – i.e. "professional" training as a scientist: participation in seminars, conferences, publications.

Rating system

Successful completion of the training modules PhD-program may be a requirement to obtain the degree, however, the training modules do not have a significant weight in the final assessment of the work. It is all about the thesis and its successful defense, as well as an oral examination in the specialty.

The titles of awarded degrees

Research programs lead to the degree of Doctor of philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, DPhil).

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