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The order and terms of consideration of applications for admission to graduate school in Oxford

Consideration of the application for admission the University of Oxford is carried out in several stages. First applications fall into a special Commission engaged in the primary selection, then the documents are sent for consideration at the chosen faculty, and then to Oxford College of your choice. The review process may take up to six months.

In the evaluation process, You may be invited to a personal, phone or Skype interview.

Having considered the application for admission, the University sends the applicant a letter informing the decision. In the case of a positive decision, the applicant will be invited to enroll in graduate school at Oxford University (Offer), which may contain a number of additional conditions (Conditional Offer), for example: proof of financial resources to pay for training, level IELTS, all certified by a diploma, if the Diploma has not been received. In most cases, the University clearly apreciat term, which describes the conditions to be fulfilled. After successful completion of all the conditions, You will be sent an offer of unconditional acceptance , as well as all the necessary information for obtaining a visa, pay tuition and your arrival in Oxford. In the case of a negative decision, the candidate is also notified by letter.

The order of consideration of applications for admission to distance master of Oxford is simplified compared with the procedure of application on-campus.

If you will apply for admission to the master of Oxford in the first period of the deadline, in October-November, the timing of the stages of consideration of your application will be roughly the following:

  • The end of December – the response of the supervisor (if You are applying for a research programme),
  • March – the proposal of the University on admission if you meet certain conditions
  • May – response funds for funding (if You applied for a scholarship),
  • June – confirmation of obtaining a place in College
  • July – final proposal of the University on the receipt.

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