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Methods of financing training in Oxford

Oxford, like most universities in the UK, is a public University. Budget education funding for students not in the British universities in the UK and no search of financing for education - the task of the student.

Scholarships and grants

Financial assistance to talented foreign students is provided by many organizations in the UK offering scholarships to study abroad and grants; the largest are the universities themselves, as well as nonprofit charities, government agencies, research councils and commercial organizations.

As one of the largest universities in the world, Oxford University annually invests significant funds to support students whose achievements and potential recognized University. If you graduated from a famous University in your country, have all or most of the excellent marks and clearly define your academic and professional goals, then you may have a chance of getting a scholarship at Oxford University.

To apply for a scholarship provided by the University of Oxford and fellowships of the Research Council in the Humanities and arts takes place automatically with the filing of the application for admission to the graduate program. If You are counting on those scholarships, Your application for admission to Oxford must be sent no later than January.

Along with your application for admission You can also request funding for special fellowships awarded by departments and colleges of Oxford. Detailed information about these scholarships is posted on the websites of the faculties and colleges of the University.

To help candidates University annually publishes information about financing possibilities, with which You can find in the section "Student Funding" on the University website. When searching for suitable scholarship programs, pay attention to the following points:

  • Whether Your candidate selection criteria (for example: academic performance, nationality, field of research)?
  • What is the volume of the proposed scholarship funding? If the scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and accommodation, or just part of the cost?
  • Training programs of any type (master, PhD, full-time/part-time training) is funded under the program?
  • What is the deadline for the scholarship?

The application for scholarships you need to prepare in advance in order to increase the chances of getting her, and also to avoid problems with redundant space on the program because of the lack of the ability to provide timely confirmation of availability of funds for payment of study and accommodation.

No scholarship funding sources

In an additional or alternative sources of funding some students of Oxford have also used Bank loans obtained in the home country or in the UK.

Work part-time, in coordination with the supervisor will also be able to help offset the cost of living in the UK. However, programmes of a higher education and graduate at Oxford is very intense and the combination of study with work can be challenging. Many students of postgraduate programs Oxford moonlighting in teaching, research or administrative roles in the University or other organizations.

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