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Dan from Russia about the music, the Brits, student life and studying in University of West London
Dan from Russia about the music, the Brits, student life and studying in University of West London
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Dan from Russia about the music, the Brits, student life and studying in University of West London

EI: hi, Dan! Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to study abroad?

My name is Dan Lazebnik, I'm from Saint-Petersburg, I'm 19. I studied abroad for more than 8 years, and left Russia because I wanted to get a better education and standard of living.

EI: Why did you choose University of West London? What attracted you to this University?

This is one of the few universities in which I found an interesting program of Music Managementas it is in London, and this is a huge advantage for training in the music industry.

EI: Tell us please about your impressions from the study at UWL? What do you like best? What are your impressions of the modern campus of the UWL?

I really like all the trainers are real professionals with extensive experience in the industry, and it really helps in learning. What about the new campus, he's great, you see immediately that the repair and renovation spent a lot of money, while the University cares about the comfort of its students.

EI: You learn to program Music Management, right? What are your impressions of the program? Do you have a favorite subject?

As I said, the course allows you to really dive into the world of music. I can't say that I have a subject that you like the most, because almost all the items allow you to learn something new and useful in their own way.

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EI: the Most vivid impression during my studies and life in the UK?

I'm not a huge fan of student activities, to be honest. For me, the main advantage of living in London is that you can go to concerts of their favorite bands that don't come to Russia. It's great!


EI: What do you do in your free time at University? Are you in any student clubs? Tell us a little about it.

In my spare time I do music with my friends, and we've recently created an indie group called "New Age Thrills". Group work takes up a huge amount of time, but I like it, it's something that I never got the chance to do. Also in April I became President of the Committee of winter sports, is a community that brings together lovers of skiing and snowboarding, and organizes various activities for them. For example, this year we plan to go to France for a week. In General, the University has a large number of clubs/communities that fit completely different people, and I'm sure everyone will find what he likes.

EI: Tell us a little bit about life in London. What do you like best? Where do you usually spend your free place with friends?

London is an incredible city and a huge number of possibilities for each obvious immediately on arrival here. Personally, I like the life in the city, here the energy never ends and the city never sleeps. In London there are classes for people of all ages and financial possibilities. I like the Shoreditch district, where you can find nice people and very cheap food.

EI: what is Your favorite place in England?

London Shoreditch (Shoreditch). Very bright, energetic and cheap :-)

EI: What would you advise our readers NEVER to do in UK"? :-)

Don't go to clubs on Saturdays, if you don't want to spend all your money and use student discounts, you can find them everywhere.

EI: were you able to make friends with the British? If so, what tips can you our readers? Does the cultural knowledge, differences, what you can and cannot do in communicating with them, in the company?

I was away from home almost half of my life, so I always communicate more with international students than with the Russians. I have a few British friends, but I can say that their views are somewhat different from the rest of the world. Most of my friends are liberal, and we have absolutely no taboo topics in communication. In General, most people in the UK are very open, so don't be afraid to make friends.

EI: Thank you so much for this interview! What would you like to say in closing to our readers?

University of West London is a great University that provides great support to its students. There are many clubs and societies in which everyone can join and many activities that you can come. At the University a great atmosphere for talented people, and, according to some alumni, now you can learn with the future famous musician.

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