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5 students of the preparatory program ONCAMPUS in Amsterdam
5 students of the preparatory program ONCAMPUS in Amsterdam
  • 1976

5 students of the preparatory program ONCAMPUS in Amsterdam

Students of the preparatory program "ONCAMPUS Amsterdam" shared his impressions of the school and the city. The program prepares foreign students for undergraduate studies at the University of Amsterdam. Depending on of your destinations, you can choose one of two training programmes: Foundation Programme in Business, Economics, Finance and Management and Foundation Programme PPLE.

“I chose the University of Amsterdam because it is in the top 100 best universities in the world, and is the best University in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, I was preparing for admission to the programme BSc Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam. I would recommend to study at ONCAMPUS, the teachers are very helpful, always ready to help. Amsterdam is a very comfortable place to live, all the inhabitants speak fluent English." - Elena Kenchadze

"My friends recommended me to study at the University of Amsterdam, I chose the BSc programme Economics and Business and decided to start his training with Foundation OnCampus. I am very grateful for all the help and support of my teachers. Amsterdam is a wonderful city to live in, almost all speak good English, and the people are very friendly. The accommodation provided by the University, very comfortable" - Igor Zotenko

"The University of Amsterdam is one of the top-rated universities in the world, and to prepare for teaching on the undergraduate program, to get used to independent life and living on campus, I chose FoundationCampus program. During training, I have expanded knowledge in business, math, Economics and English, I am very pleased. If we talk about Amsterdam, it is energetic and safe city to live in with excellent transportation system" - Vladislav oranges

"I always wanted to study at the University of Amsterdam, one of the best universities in the world, to change your thinking is through study abroad. Here I have made many friends from different countries of the world. I live in a student residence on the same floor with other students with training programs, we spend a lot of time with each other, for example, are going to cook together. We advise you not to be afraid to use the opportunity to learn." - David Katz

"I wanted to study on the programme PPLE 4 disciplines. I studied international relations in school, but I really liked the subject, because it is similar to the right that I want to specialize in. The training program has expanded my horizons, improved my English skills and learned more about other nationalities and cultural differences. I really have grown this year and was truly inspired by the teachers and those with whom I went" - Kateryna Nosenko

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