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A graduate of King's College London about studies, grant from the Global Education and employment
A graduate of King's College London about studies, grant from the Global Education and employment
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A graduate of King's College London about studies, grant from the Global Education and employment

Daria Hanolainen – graduate master program on the specialty "Management of education". Daria received a grant from the scholarship program, Global Education to study in King's College London. On returning to Russia, Daria was successfully held in Kazan Federal University (Institute of psychology and education).

How has Your life changed after studying in the UK?

My professional life has completely changed. Previously, I worked as a teacher in a secondary school. At the moment I am working a researcher and engaged in research activities. At school I was interested in education, as seen in its development the key to social and technical progress. After working as a school teacher for several years, I realized that ready to witness step. The experience of studying and working abroad has allowed for some time to distance themselves from the Russian system of education and look at many things differently. At this stage I have many ideas for different pedagogical research and development projects. I was very lucky to find a job that allows me to implement them.

What are Your responsibilities scientific researcher at Kazan Federal University?

My responsibilities include development and organization of research and educational projects. For example, my colleagues and I are currently working on creation of distance courses of professional retraining. This project aims to create a flexible system conversion specialists who try to teach in a school but do not have pedagogical education. In addition, I explore how school teachers react to the new educational standards. This work will improve the professional motivation of teachers and improve their ability to meet the growing demands.

What knowledge and skills obtained while studying in King's College London You are using in the workplace?

Now Russian science is aimed at active integration into the world scientific community. I think that professionals who received education and/or experience in the best universities of the world, you can accelerate the process of internationalization of Russian scientific and educational institutions. My education ensures the effectiveness of my research work: I constantly monitor the scientific literature, write research material and submit requests for participation in international projects – all in English. However, it is not only knowledge of the language and in the understanding of the requirements to the scientific works abroad.

What are Your future plans in the work for the next 3 years?

My Institute currently provides many opportunities for development, so I'll probably stay there to work. I am of the opinion that in order to improve the education system, it must first be understand by interacting with it at various levels. In view of this, in the coming years I plan to continue to consider the Russian system of education from different perspectives, to communicate and collaborate with the various representatives. I intend to constantly monitor the emergence of new opportunities and move them forward, but to think of specific things I'm not going.

What advice would You give to future students at King's College London and participants of the programme Global education?

First of all, try to understand what you really are is the soul, and choose the direction in accordance with this. You should not focus only on such things as the prestige of and the estimated future wages. Our success depends on internal motivation – if you are really interested to learn and work, then you'll achieve impressive results.

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