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Gabrielle of London, internships in fashion and study at Regent's University London
Gabrielle of London, internships in fashion and study at Regent's University London
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Gabrielle of London, internships in fashion and study at Regent's University London

I have studied fashion photography and fashion design, and know that I have creativity. However, I don't want to spend my life behind a sewing machine or in the Studio. During creative search, I realized that my interests formed fashion brands, advertising that I see. So I decided to go into the field of marketing. Programme BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing at Regent's University London fully meets my expectations, my interest in her has only increased after I attended a marketing exhibition of senior students.

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During the three years of training, I participated in the organization of fashion shows and dabbled in different styles of photography. The hardest tasks always give the most valuable experience. For example, we participated in professional projects, presentations before the jury. This experience will be useful to students in the future.

During training I completed several internships and worked part time in sales to get experience. Internships are priceless opportunities to make useful contacts in the industry, which otherwise can only dream of. I interned on the Forum of Ethical Fashion (Ethical Fashion Forum), in the magazine "Closer" and, most recently, the company Bodymetrics. This is a very different company, I met interesting people and gained knowledge in several areas of marketing.


In the first year I lived in a Dorm, and it was the right decision. I met and formed lasting friendships with neighbors, in the second year together we began to rent a house.

Student life

Events at Regent's University London difficult to follow, there are always events, from masquerade balls to meet for beer and pizza. There is always the opportunity to relax from school and enjoy the students. For example, every Thursday classes are held in Boxing, and I enrolled in Chinese lessons on Tuesday evening. During the year, hosts various academic workshops that really helped me with the writing of the dissertation.

In Regents learning so many wonderful people of different nationalities, and each has its own story. It was very interesting to meet them and make friends from all over the world. Many teachers also come from other countries, that allows you to make acquaintances anywhere.

Plans for the future

I hope next year I will continue training in a magistracy, that will allow you to work in the field of advertising. Of course I want to work in the fashion industry, but most of all I'm interested in marketing direction.

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