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Tips practicing attorney and lecturer in law at Birkbeck, University of London
Tips practicing attorney and lecturer in law at Birkbeck, University of London
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Tips practicing attorney and lecturer in law at Birkbeck, University of London

The representative of the Education Index Maria Kirichenko visited legal the faculty of Birkbeck, University of London and spoke with a University Professor and a practicing attorneyspecializing in human rights and international law bill Bowring. Birkbeck is only evening University, which provides the opportunity to combine work and study.

EI: Hello, thank you for the opportunity to give us interview. Please tell us a little about yourself and how You know so well Russian language?

- I was the first once in Russia, in the Soviet Union in 1983. It was in the framework of relations between one of the London areas and the Moskvoretsky district in Moscow. I fell in love with Russian language and started learning it at 85. After that, worked a lot in different projects , taught 20 years ago met my wife Olga.

EI: bill, tell me, please, University of Birkbeck is the only British University, which gives the opportunity for foreign students to study in the evening and at to obtain a visa and to combine study with work?

- I must say, what is the Union of the "London University" - University of London, which includes different colleges including the London school of Economics and political science (LSE), Queen Mary University of London. We are one University University of London, and our specialty, formal training.

EI: please Tell me, can the foreign student to apply for the position associated with the law here in The UK?

- Can be interesting for your students that I am the Chairman of the British-Russian Legal Association the legal Association of great Britain in Russia. We have around 500 members. We are working very actively in London, and in Moscow, In Yekaterinburg. Half Russian, who qualified in Russia, and here in England and work in large commercial firms in the city of London in Finance and other fields. Therefore, there is a lot of possibilities.

EI: a Lot do foreign students enter and graduate law programs? And a lot of whether from Russia and CIS countries?

Our master in human rights LLM Human Rights – a qualification that does not allow the practice. I have about 50 students from Asia, Europe, the US, Russia, not every year, but often. It those who want to work in international organizations. There are several well-known advocates of human rights in Russia, who were my students. For example, Sergey Golubkov - known advocate for human rights, he was my student. There are others.

EI: please Tell me what program is best to select foreign students? For example, students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. What field of law? International or something more special?

It depends on desire and interest.

EI: what more promising?

- Most want to study commercial law. And, for example, in Queen Mary very much specialties such. We at Birkbeck are very good master degree in criminal law, criminology, international economic law, justice and development (International Economic Law, Justice and Development) and the largest program – LLM Human Rights (master's program in the rights person). >> To see the program LLM Law

EI: If note that each country has its laws, which programs law would be more versatile to the students then were able to find a job?

- Each country has its own traditions in law. In America was the basis of English law, but now completely different business. My advice to students from Russia: first, to obtain legal qualifications in Russia in a good University (MGU, MGIMO, etc.), then to obtain a master's degree in England (level very high). And then, if they want to work in an international law firm and earning about 1 million a year, you need to get a UK legal qualification after the Russian. This is the path to wealth and success.

EI: We began to talk about work. Is it difficult to get a job as a foreign student? Are there legal restrictions?

- It depends what kind of work. If you graduated with a masters degree in London there are many companies that help Russian. As you know London now called Londongrad and here not less than 300 thousand Russian and they need tips and assistance. There are many very different jobs, not just lawyers. For those who have have a master's degree, there are lots of different jobs.

EI: What education is necessary for admission to master's?

Bachelor and IELTS, plus two academic recommendations, professors who know you have to write a recommendation, your Personal Statement - a letter of motivation why you want to study law.

EI: AND finally, why would You recommend students to study law in Birkbeck?

Our faculty law created 25 years ago, my colleagues from Greece. Now we have 5 professors from Greece, one from Germany, one from Ireland, new colleagues from Lebanon, Turkey, Australia. We have an international view on the right, not narrow, tehnicheski or only British. And as You said in the beginning, there is the opportunity to work in London. All lectures and seminars are held from 18.00 to 21.00.

EI: Thank You very much for the interview! We sincerely wish that You continued to enjoy Your work. Will glad to see You in Moscow!

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