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Bachelor degree abroad

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First higher abroad

The most common type of the first higher education abroad with a bachelor's degree, which takes 3 years. Most of the specialties have the opportunity to continue their education in the "undergraduate master's".

To obtain a bachelor's degree, you need to get a certain number of transcripts of academic hours or credits, each of which approximates one hour of classroom teaching. Credit hours are a kind of "currency" in American and European higher education, it is calculated the cost of the training program are assigned to a degree, the evaluation of the applicant for admission, when transferring from one University to another.

Titution fee for bachelor degree abroad

Country Fee Duration TOEFL IELTS
United Kingdom £14000 - £20000 3 years 79 6
USA $9000 - $50000 4 years 79 6
Canada $9000 - $42000 3 - 4 years 79 6
Netherlands €5000 - €12000 3 - 4 years 79 6
Germany €300 - €21000 3 - 4 years 79 6
Czech $1500 - $10000 3 - 4 years 79 6
Spain €1100 - €15000 3 - 4 years 79 6


Education Index specialists will be happy to assist you in applying for undergraduate programs at English-speaking universities around the world. We will help you to choose the appropriate programs and universities, collect the necessary documents, make motivational and recommendation letters, send them to universities and get their positive answers.

Our consultants have considerable experience in the field of higher education abroad, and the editors of the accompanying documents have completed the Masters and PhD programs of the leading universities of the world.


Bachelor degree programs in foreign universities help foreign students to get used to the new country and adapt to its educational system, improve the level of English and acquire new skills required for successful study in a foreign University.

In addition, these programs provide an opportunity to improve academic performance, for those who need it, and make the final choice of specialty to study at the undergraduate.


Useful about bachelor degree abroad

If the Russian undergraduate was officially introduced only in 1993, and a two-tier system of higher education – bachelor degree + master's degree in 2002, in foreign Universities, such a system has existed for centuries.

Undergraduate training provides students with the competencies necessary for the successful development of his career and gives the opportunity to continue learning in subsequent stages of higher education: master's degree or graduate school.