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Master's courses abroad

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Master's courses abroad

More than half of the foreign students studying abroad study on master's programs, and the most popular countries for master's education abroad are the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Almost all programs of the British magistracy are designed for 1 year, and you can get a master's degree in the USA and Canada in most disciplines in 2 years. Among the master's programs of foreign universities can be identified: training programs and programs focused on research activities.

Titution fee for master's degree abroad

Country Fee Duration TOEFL IELTS
United Kingdom $17000 - $40000 1 year 100 7
USA $25500 - $70000 2 years 79 6.5
Canada $6500 - $30000 1 year 90 7.5
Netherlands €3000 - €36000 1 year 79 6.5
Germany €300 - €21000 1 year 96 6
Czech $1500 - $10000 1 year 96 6
Spain €1100 - €15000 1 year 79 6


Education Index specialists will be happy to assist you in entering the master's programs in English-speaking universities of the world. We will help you to choose the appropriate programs and universities, collect the necessary documents, make motivational and recommendation letters, send them to universities and get their positive answers.

Our consultants have considerable experience in the field of higher education abroad, and the editors of the accompanying documents have completed the Masters and PhD programs of the leading universities of the world.


Master's degree programs at a foreign University, as well as training programs for the first higher education, help foreign students to get used to the new academic environment.

These programs especially help out students who want to study in a master's degree specialty different from that which was studied at the first higher, and also those at whom progress on a bachelor's degree is lower than level of entrance requirements of the master's program.


Mater's courses abroad

Educational programs are most common. They consist of taught modules with a large number of independent work and practices. To communicate with the teacher allocated some time during workshops or consulting hours.

Many academic master's programme aims to deepen knowledge in the subject area, which received the first higher education to enroll in these programs only with the appropriate first degree.

There is also a foreign master's program that allows you to change or expand the scope of knowledge obtained in the bachelor. These graduate programs often do not specify in the introductory requirements the subject of study at the first higher.

The most popular graduate degree training abroad: Master of Arts - MA, awarded in the arts, Humanities and social Sciences and Master of Science - MSc, awarded in the exact and natural Sciences. LLM - standard Master's degree in law.

Research master's programs abroad

Research graduate programs are mostly chosen by students who plan to continue their studies in graduate school or conduct research. A small number of lecture hours is usually included in the programmes the research master and the main work is done by the student independently, under the guidance of the supervisor. Research master's programme leads to the degree of Master of philosophy (Master of Philosophy, MPhil) and Master of research (MRes).