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What SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do when writing a cover letter


  • To sketch out a draft (or even better a few versions of the draft), where for myself, indicate all the main points.
  • To ensure that You are completely satisfied with your final draft before writing the final version of the motivation letter.
  • To read Your letter to people whose opinions You trust. Make sure the text of Your writing clear to readers.
  • Study the brochures and website of the selected University or College. They can always find information about what are the qualities of the students and what criteria to meet.
  • Make sure that Your letter has no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • To approach the issue with enthusiasm! Demonstrating interest in the course, You increase your chances of getting on it.
  • To go from the Internet and turn off the TV. Fully focus on the letter, because now You own hands and create their future. Try to glory!


  • To write in a complicated and flowery style, using abstruse words and expressions. The contents of Your letter may suffer from the fact that You use words and expressions that are found in the dictionary on this special occasion and which You cannot understand.
  • To present a lot of minor information. If you think that You began to delve into unnecessary details, – take a break, and then with new forces and fresh head start for the letter.
  • To exaggerate and invent non-existent facts. At the interview, You can begin to ask in detail about the unlikely achievement.
  • To rely entirely on the function of "spell Check" of Your computer. Print a letter several times and read it carefully, trying to detect zakrasheny inaccuracies or typographical errors.
  • To postpone the writing of a motivation letter for the last minute. Admissions will immediately notice that the letter was written on the run. Besides, You risk to miss some important information.

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