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Interview with Edgar, a student of the program "international Business" at the University of Greenwich

Fourth year student of bachelor program of international Business at the University of Greenwich, Edgar from Lithuania, told us about their experiences from school, University and life in London.

EI: hi, Edgar! Tell us a little about yourself (where are you from, how old you are). How is it that you were in England?

Edgar: Hi! I'm 22 years old and I come from Lithuania, where I studied in high school and finished grade 12. After secondary education I was 19 years old and I have been the only British universities in London, because I wanted not only to study in England but live in the capital.

EI: In what year were you admitted to the University of Greenwich? Was it your first choice University, or filed somewhere? Why University of Greenwich? What attracted you to this University?

Edgar: I arrived in 2010 through the UCAS system is a British service for University entrance. I've applied to 5 different universities and was accepted into 4 - 2 of them gave me unconditional offer, and the other 2 - conditional offer. I chose the University of Greenwich, because two of my close friends before that he went to Greenwich, and recommended it. My friends studying in other universities of London, told with such enthusiasm about their universities. Secondly, I chose Greenwich because I was extremely attracted by the programme BA International Business and an interesting program content. And of course, an important factor for me was that the main campus Greenwich is a world heritage site, consists of three buildings in the Baroque style of the 17th century. Besides, it stands on the South Bank of the river Thames, with views of the impressive London's financial centre - Canary Wharf.

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EI: you were at the University of Greenwich? Tell us about your experience.

Edgar: the application Process is quite simple and very well organized, and for those who are beginning to prepare for admission in advance, it is even easier. All information about admission for students, for example, requirements for assessments and language proficiency on the official website of the University, but also representatives of the University quickly and professionally answered all my queries by email. In my case, I had to reach a certain average score in the certificate, and, of course, to pass the IELTS exam.

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EI: if you are Faced with any difficulties when applying to a University as a foreign student? If so, tell us about it in more detail.

Edgar: In my case, the application process was simple and without any difficulties, as I am from Lithuania, and Lithuania is in the European Union - I acted as a 'home student' and not as a foreign student.

EI: what kind of program you're learning? What are your impressions of the program?

Edgar: I am a fourth year undergraduate, majoring in International Business. I really like my program because of a variety of subjects, the lecturers are professionals in their field, as evidenced by publication of articles and books published around the world. Usually bachelor programs last 3 years, but I took the opportunity to do a Placement Year (internship) and served 10 months in your field in a large gas company in Lithuania. My program is very interesting, and I'm happy with my choice and recommend this program to new students who want to study business because it is modern.

EI: Who is learning with you in your program? A lot of foreigners, Russian-speaking students? Were you able to have close friends, and who are they – Russians, foreigners, British? With whom it is easier to find a common language?

Edgar: my program is learning a lot of foreigners, and I can't single out one dominant country (not including British students). Most of Europe from Germany, Spain and Scandinavia, as well there are students from Asia and South America. My program was only one English-speaking student from Turkmenistan, so we became friends from the first day in the University, but also my closest friends is a student from the United States and China.

EI: What do you do in your free time? Do you have a hobby? Are you in any student clubs? Tell us a little about it.

Edgar: I am an active member in the community and the economy, where we every two weeks we organize different debates on current topics in Economics and also listen to guest lectures by professionals in business and Economics. I wanted to meet English - speaking students from Russia and CIS countries, the Baltic countries, but the opportunities were few, because there were no student clubs, where they could meet. So I decided that I need to take the initiative and to create a community of Russian-speaking students at the University of Greenwich, and my idea was supported by the teachers. To date we have about 50 students in the community, and the number is constantly growing - which I and other members of the community very happy. Therefore, all new students of the University of Greenwich is now much easier to adapt to a new academic environment and to meet students who are happy to share their experiences of studying at University.

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EI: What are your plans after graduation?

Edgar: Future plans after undergrad is a continuation of study for master's degree. Also, each summer during his studies for a bachelor's degree I spend on training in the field of business development and management consulting, which help to prove themselves to potential future employers. The University quite often a career fair where international companies talk about the process of recruiting graduates to work. In the University of Greenwich don't GET that fully supports all students in the job search process, help in preparing resumes, teach interview techniques and advise in choosing a career.

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