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A graduate of the Scottish University of Dundee Naila Kamayeva talks about his studies at this University.

A graduate of the Scottish University of Dundee Naila Kamayeva talks about his studies at this University. Naila received a Bachelor of Arts (BA), the University of Dundee with a degree in Social work in 2010 year. Originally Nailya from Kazakhstan and now lives in Astana with her husband Ragavan who met there, in the University of Dundee. Naila runs his own School of learning English called LCRM.

Naila, tell me a little about yourself? I live in Kazakhstan. The first higher education I received in Kazakhstan in the specialty "Teacher of English in secondary school", and my first job was a small rural school in the North of Kazakhstan. Working in the school, I took part in the competition for a prestigious scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak" and in 2006 received a grant for free education at a British University.

Why did you choose University of Dundee? I chose the University of Dundee because this University is a partner in the scholarship Fund "Bolashak", which confirms the quality of education at this University, and it taught me interested in the specialty – social work.

Why did you decide to study social work? I think it has to do with the poverty and social problems that I observed during perestroika in my country, as well as working as a teacher in a rural school. Among the main problems faced by the people - poverty, drug use and unemployment, and I really wanted to help my countrymen to cope with the difficulties and to improve their quality of life.

Tell me about your life in Dundee? In 2006 I started my studies on the BA programme at the University of Dundee. Honestly, at first I was very difficult, mainly due to difficulties with the language and the absolute lack of experience of living abroad. However, the University really cares about his students, what I have seen, getting the assistance of University support Services and, in particular, their leader – Il'yana Stefanova. He showed me the local shops, explained how to register at the immigration office where you can receive medical care and also gave many useful tips and information.

In addition, the Il'yana introduced me to Russian and Kazakh students studying in the University. It helped me to feel confident in their abilities and to find new friends with whom I still keep in touch. It is through this service I met my future husband – Ragava - who also studied at the University of Dundee. So my learning experience in University really changed my life, and I think it was the best years of my life!

How did you study and how were the relations with fellow students? Support of classmates and professors was just incredible. Educational system in Kazakhstan differs significantly from the British system, and it took me a while to fully understand it, but thanks to the support I have been able to realize their potential and gained invaluable experience during internships, which I still ponder and from which to draw new knowledge. I graduated the University of Dundee in Social Work with honors, I could not even dream of before, given its low starting level.

I am very grateful to all the staff of the University, my faculty of Social Work, their classmates and friends who have made an invaluable contribution to my education. I highly recommend the training programs of the University of Dundee to anyone who wants to become a professional in my area of expertise. I want to emphasize the positive qualities of the staff and students who help international students to feel supported and to receive help.

After completing his studies and returning to Kazakhstan, I realized that I received knowledge and experience – exactly what you need, my country, and they allow me to work with the best experts in social work from the state and international organizations with the aim of improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups of the population.

If ever I'm going to get a Master of Science degree, I choose to do this, the University of Dundee without the slightest hesitation!

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