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Programme International Foundation

One of the most popular among Russian students ways to fulfill the entrance requirements of universities in the UK is preparatory courses International Foundation. They are organized on the basis of the state universities, private colleges and language schools in Britain and in most cases have a duration of 1 year.

Annual program of International Foundation of universities in the UK for foreigners and adapted to the fact that English is not students native. The programs focus on improving the level of English proficiency required for academic level. In addition, You will be able to Supplement their education in chosen disciplines, and specialized programs (design, medicine, etc.) to prepare a portfolio and/ or exams required for admission to the undergraduate courses. There are also accelerated semi annual courses. Usually the International Foundation programme starts in September or January, based on the year and six months, respectively.

The deadline can vary depending on the program selected, as a rule, the universities begin to receive documents for the year before the start of classes.

Many students prefer to enroll in the programme International Foundation at the state universities, as in this case, the student who successfully complete the program, almost automatically credited to the program of the first higher education in this University. Alumni International Foundation prestigious public universities in the UK will be able to accept other UK universities, located on a high ranking position.

Many private colleges have partnerships with the state universities of Britain, and the successful completion of the Foundation program at a private College will greatly facilitate the University's partner College. Before selecting a program at a private College should check the list of universities that accepts its graduates.

As a rule, the quality of the program, the prestige of the College and the number of partner universities is directly dependent from each other. In addition, it is useful to ask about statistics about the number of successful applicants of certain programs in the University.

Not all British universities accept graduates of programs International Foundation. For example, it is believed that such a qualification virtually deprives You of chances for a place at Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College. If admission to the desired program of undergraduate Foundation courses will not be accepted, go through a more traditional course of A-levels.

Entry requirements for International Foundation programme

Admission requirements for admission to the Foundation program in UK universities can vary around the following parameters:

  • age of 16 years;
  • the average level of English proficiency of IELTS 4.5 to 6,0 (depending on program);
  • completed secondary education (if at the time of application You have not graduated from high school, fit statement);
  • high average ball of the certificate of secondary education Foundation programs to top-rated universities.

The cost of programs International Foundation

The cost of the International Foundation programme for international students differs depending on providing educational institutions, but not from items. The following are examples of several universities and private schools provide these programs. Prices are for the 2016-2017 year

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Sample program

The ranking of the University

The cost per year, £ (no accommodation)

University Of Southampton



The University Of Reading



University Of Essex



The University Of Greenwich



Private colleges:

Sample program

The cost per year, £ (no accommodation)

Oxford Tutorial College


College Bellerbys
(Bellerbys College)


Private colleges do not participate in the rankings of universities in the UK and therefore their rating is not indicated.

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