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How to enter MBA course

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The admission to the MBA programs can cause a number of difficulties and confuse the sequence of actions. Below we have prepared guide that will help you to correctly build the plan of receipt and prepare all documents in time.

How to enter MBA program

STEP 1: Choose a business school

Ratings of business schools can be the starting point when choosing a University. The higher ranking position of the University, the harder it is to do and learn, the higher the cost of tuition, salary after graduation will also be much higher. Learn more about choosing a business school to study abroad, read our guide how to choose a business school abroad.

STEP 2: Choose a program

It would seem that the MBA program should be identical in content in all universities. This is not so. For example, you can find an MBA programme, admission to which does not require experience. However, most often the experience needed in a managerial position for several years. So look carefully at the entry requirements of universities.

When selecting the MBA program focuses among others on parameters such as:

  • the contents of the study modules offered MBA specializations;
  • the required duration of work experience;
  • the profile of graduates of the program and in which areas of activity they are employed;
  • profile of teachers;
  • method of study (Full-time MBA, executive MBA).

To understand which program suits you best, will help our guide on choosing a MBA program, where we produced videos and articles that shed light on this dataset.

STEP 3: Register on the website of the University

Requirements a motivation letter and details about the criteria for admission of foreign business schools do not always publish on their websites and in the program description. So it makes sense to register in the personal Cabinet of the University and in the system of sending the application before you start working on documents as part of the application for admission. Keep in mind this nuance.

STEP 4: Prepare documents for application for admission

Motivation letter

The letter is an essay which should show your interest in getting this place at this University. Explain why you want it and what you plan to do after your MBA (IBA). Some MBA programs may ask you to describe more about your leadership potential, how you've dealt with some ethical issue at work, your responsibility as a professional and more. Depending on the educational institution to motivational letter are more or less biased, plus each University has its own peculiarities of design. So to be sure to obtain at this stage, the plus sign, we recommend you to seek help in preparing a cover letter to our editors — they studied at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and MIT.

A letter of recommendation

This is a document written by the head of the workplace or a teacher describing a student.

For admission to the MBA program often requires 2-3 recommendations from work (from supervisor, colleague, client). Occasionally universities ask for a recommendation from last place of study.

The main thing that should be reflected in the recommendations, examples and evidence of the professional qualities of the applicants. He has high leadership potential – tell us in what situations he did. Arriving stress – share an example of how he went from a difficult situation. The amount must not exceed 1-1,5 sheet.

We have prepared for you a special section, which will help in writing letters of recommendation, but in order to be sure of the correctness of his writing it is better to contact our specialists.


Admission to the MBA program will become an important step preparing your resume or CV (lat. Curriculum Vitae, lit. "course of life"). This paper is usually A4, which briefly sets out the information not contained in other related documents.

CV is important because when you send a package of documents to the Commission is the first document which the Commission is examining. Therefore, it is important concisely but fully reflect their achievements.

The format of the CV changes over time: earlier, the amount required not more than a page, now it can be two and even three pages. And we still believe that the less text, the better. However, if life happens to you a lot, it is better to list only relevant experience, even if it will be much less relevant. Of course, drafting a CV can trust us.

A document, proving previous education

Business schools necessarily require international students translated and notarized diploma about the first higher education.

All documents should be thoroughly checked for errors. Will be very sad because of the ridiculous typos to refusal to accept documents. To avoid this happening, we recommend you to contact us for advice.

STEP 5: take a test confirming the knowledge of a foreign language

Test is required to confirm your language level. Basically we are talking about English tests like TOEFL and IELTS. First adopted in the United States, and the second in the US, almost all English-speaking countries who teach English. Of course few countries have their own native languages, there are separate tests for studying in Germany pass FSP, DSH and TestDaF, for Spanish DELE, in France, DELF, DALF and TCF, to study at universities in England will only accept IELTS, and in Japan — Nihongo proficiency test.

All these tests shall be in specialist centres in a limited number of cities, they all require pre-registration. Some tests are held 6-7 times a year, some once a year, so it is important to chose the timing of the visa and start training. The validity of most tests for knowledge of a foreign language does not exceed 2 years. In General, preparation for TOEFL and IELTS is a separate story, so just leave us a request for a free consultation — we'll tell it like it is.

6 STEP: Take the GMAT / GRE

Almost everyone who wants to get an MBA, you must pass the GMAT exam (some business schools also accept the GRE). The universities are advised to prepare for one of these tests at least 6 months, so we advise you to start preparing in advance. Moreover, the validity of the certificates of the test data is 5 years.

There are MBA programs, which are possible to do without taking the GMAT or GRE, but they are very few. However, such programs do exist, so please contact us, we will be happy to help you find them.

STEP 7: Clarify the issues with a representative of the University

Find out whether the requirements for a financial cushion in your account — in most universities abroad, such requirements have. You will need to provide Bank statement from which it is clear that you have a certain amount for each month and you will not have to catch all immigration. Our site has a directory of universities, then you can write to representatives about admission.

STEP 8: Send request and wait for a response

You can send a request only when you are completely sure that everything is done correctly. All because in case of an error, you will learn about rejection and all exams that have a specific Statute of limitations, can be put to waste.

Try to make a request with a temporary supply in a couple of days, to be able to peruse and check. In some universities the competition for the place is really big, so admissions committees will examine your documents with a special predilection, paying attention to literally every word. Book a private consultationto know what to expect when sending a document, and how not to fall into despair after rejection.

Well, if you did everything correctly, then it remains only to wait for a response. The deadlines range from one week to two months, so you may have to remind yourself through the feedback form of the University, do not forget to include your student ID.

We hope our article about how to go to University abroad will help you with this complex case.

Successful admission!