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GRE main test for admission to master degree USA
GRE main test for admission to master degree USA
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GRE main test for admission to master degree USA

Graduate Record Exam, GRE – analog tests SAT and ACT, which are for admission to American graduate school. The results are one of the most important criteria for the selection of students and an important basis for admission to the University. In addition to the General GRE test, there are also the GRE tests in the subjects.

The test content of GRE

The GRE test seems on the computer. The GRE General test has three sections:

  • Analytical writing, Analytical Writing - 2 tasks, 60 minutes to complete both.
  • Reasoning and reasoning, Verbal Reasoning - 2 parts, 60 minutes to complete both.
  • Quantitative analysis Quantitative Analysis - 2 parts, 70 minutes to complete both

Analytical writing is writing two texts: reasoning free and essay that shows the ability to accurately and correctly Express complex ideas in English. Here you need to demonstrate the following skills: recognizing cause and effect, to build a complex, but slender and clear argument to support the suggested argument or example, to demonstrate strong knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

For most foreign students this section is moderately difficult.

Reasoning and reasoning – multiple choice answers showing the level of language proficiency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The student must demonstrate the ability to understand shades of meanings of words, direct and figurative meanings, to distinguish significant from insignificant, is not an appropriate topic. You also need to understand the author's speech and its possible deviations, to identify and analyze the structure of the text.

For most foreign students this section is the most difficult.

Quantitative analysis – multiple choice answers, showing understanding of numerical information expressed by tables and graphs, statistical and probabilistic data analysis, the use of basic mathematical knowledge and skills in the areas of arithmetic, algebra, geometry.

For most foreign students this section is the simplest.

The results of the GRE and requirements of universities

Analytical writing: 0 – 6 points, 0.5 points.

Reasoning and reasoning: 130 – 170 score, step 1 score.

Quantitative Reasoning: 130 – 170 score, step 1 score.

The results of GRE are valid for 5 years.

In the case of unsatisfactory student test can be retaken not more than 5 times a year with an interval of at least 21 days.

The requirements of the universities the results are very different, they must be specified on the website of the chosen University, however, preference is often give to students who show high scores on the GRE. Read more about how to enroll in the master's program of the United States.

Where to take the GRE test

The test can be taken at an authorised centre in your country, choosing a convenient location at the time of registration. The computer test is given throughout the year. To register on the site ets.org by email or by phone.

On test day please bring with you a passport photo. During testing do not allow the use of electronic devices.

The cost of GRE test

The GRE test is paid. To take the GRE General test costs $205, for each GRE subject – $150. For a surcharge to prepare for the test with the teacher.Also on the website of the organization administering the test, it is possible to find the free materials for self-study.


  • When you cancel a planned paid-up test is charged $50.
  • When changing the testing center, the student will pay $50.

The higher the scores on the GRE – the more chances to enter a chosen University. That is why to prepare for its passage and it is worth every effort.

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For foreign students enrolling in US universities without exams using training programs Pathway. One of the advantages of programs is that during the learning Pathway students prepare and pass the required exam SAT / GMAT / GRE in the United States. Read more about the benefits of Pathway programs , please click here.