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How to choose a business school MBA

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Where to go in Cambridge or in Stanford? For a person thinking about applying to business school, but not deep into the topic, the question is this way. There are many business schools that has its pros and cons in different areas.

Consistently use the criteria below to identify the business school that best suited to you.

Questions remain - please contact the business schools whose job it is to answer the questions of Russian-speaking students. Ask questions on the pages of schools on our website.

Or give us the recruiting business schools and programs for you order a customized selection of University and program.

How to choose a country to study in business school

In Russian universities the training is like in their programs, where the diploma of the Russian Federation, and the MBA programs with the partnership agreement on cooperation in the field of training MBA. In the case of when the student enrolled in the MBA program of the partnership agreement, the student is awarded a diploma of the foreign University.

Choosing the country of study, clarify for yourself the following questions:

CRITERION 1. What language you want to learn

Language is the first selection criterion; you need to own them at a high level, when receiving confirming this fact a language certificate.

CRITERION 2. What country and culture closer to you

Going to study in another country, you will inevitably encounter a new way of life, ethics and culture of communication and even manner of dress. Learn more about the country and, if possible, visit it before you make a final choice.

Criteria for choosing a business school

CRITERION 1: Rating of business schools

The rating of business schools is a good starting point when searching for your University.

Pay attention to the most famous rating the business schools the FT (Financial Times), which presents the most famous and top business schools.

Choosing a College based on its ranking, consider the following:

  • 1. The higher ranking position of the University, the higher the cost of studying in it.
  • 2. Before you choose a school, decide the area of study. The University, located at the highest position in the overall ranking, it may take the highest line in the required subject area. For example, the University of Cardiff is located on the 37th position in the overall ranking of UK universities, and its faculty of architecture at the 10th position in the ranking of British universities for architecture.
  • 3. Not all business schools participate in the rankings.

There are questions to the universities? Specify everything that is important to you the representatives of the business schools. They will be happy to help!

CRITERION 2: Location and type of organization University

According to the methods of training and accommodation of students and teachers of the main types of universities include: city, campus, collegiate. The type of the business school depends largely on the characteristics of the organization of the educational process, living conditions, leisure time, availability of interesting cities and sites.

CRITERION 3: Value study

Usually the difference in prices for training in business schools, occupying top positions and places outside the second hundred rankings, can reach 35-50 %. The cost of living in various countries and major cities of all countries, as a rule, will cost more than in small towns or on campuses in rural areas. The price difference can reach 40 %.

Not found the cost of programs that interest you?

Specify the details of the representatives you are interested in business schools in the pages of the universities. They will be happy to help you!

CRITERION 5: the Level of entrance requirements

The higher entry requirements for programmes of business schools, but only harder to do, but:

  • harder to learn,
  • above the level of ambition and the progress of students (most often),
  • higher salaries of graduates (most often).

For admission to training under the MBA program, typically require higher education, experience from 2 years, knowledge of English (TOEFL, on average, above 230 points), the GMAT test to identify analytical thinking (average score is more than 650 points).

Examine entry requirements on pages programs business schools and get the details of University staff by sending questions to the universities directly from the pages you are interested programs.

CRITERION 6 : ethnic composition of students

Are there business schools where you will study representatives from 50 countries and more. At the same time there are programs, which are dominated by one or a few nationalities.

If the national composition of students is an important measurement for you, ask for statistics on the ethnic composition of students program you are interested in the representatives of the University.

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