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Tuition fees of MBA courses

The following are examples of the cost of studying for MBA.

The average price of studying an MBA abroad: is $50,000 to$200,000.

The cost of some MBA programs may depend on the specialization of the University and specific programs.

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Tuition fees for the MBA program is constantly increasing. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek the cost of training in the leading foreign business schools on MBA courses, on average, increases every year by 2-5%.

The question - "how much is an MBA?" - asks each prospective student. Let's consider it in more detail.

The price

The cost of studying in business school does not include the daily expenses and the cost of living. Also it does not include student fees and purchase of textbooks for passing the MBA.

The cost of delivery of English language exams

For admission to study in the MBA institutions require proficiency in English (TOEFL at least 230 points), to take the test GMAT the identification of analytical thinking (the result is more than 650 points). The approximate cost of the TOEFL – 255 $ GMAT $ 250.

The cost of filing the application

Fee if applying for the academic program MBA – 100-400 dollars. It will not be returned regardless of received or not.

The cost of the move

Don't forget to consider the cost of moving to another country, buying tickets and hotel booking.

Getting a loan to study in business school

Some business schools on certain conditions, offer its students loans from partner banks. The conditions for obtaining different loans, detailed information can be obtained by leaving a request on our website, or by going to the website of the business school.