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Never do this abroad: tips for students
Never do this abroad: tips for students
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Never do this abroad: tips for students

Each of the students and graduates of foreign universities-a unique experience and many useful tips, which they certainly want to share with future students. After talking with students and alumni, we asked them what not to do in another country.

Lisa, a graduate of the University of Surrey (UK): All freshmen are advised not to waste time and enroll in as many different communities and enjoy all the privileges offered by the University, and such weight! Perhaps in this way you will discover a new interest or hobby and find friends with the same interests as you. Better time than first year in University, for this. >> Read the interview with Lisa

Dan, a student program of Music Management, University of West London (UK): don't go to clubs on Saturdays, if you don't want to spend all your money :) Use the student discounts, you can find them everywhere. >> Read the interview with Dan

Adrian, a graduate preparatory program ISC Study Group undergraduate Keele University (UK): don't stay out seminars, they are very important, and do not copy the information exactly to a tee for the writing course. >> Read the interview with Adrian

Katya, a graduate program of Marketing Communications, Berkeley College (USA): the Council I will be a little strange, and perhaps not suitable for everyone. Try to communicate less with their compatriots. Since my arrival I only had one Russian friend. To communicate in English, to be open to people of different nationalities and religions, the most important in light adaptation. To close and only speak their language to love another country will not help you. >> Read the interview with Katja

Daria, a student of HAN University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands): Buy an expensive new bike is definitely NOT! Bicycles are stolen 24/7. Kind of funny, but really it happens often. And the new road bike will easily steal and then sell somewhere online for half the price. The castle is not important, if you can not open the lock, remove the wheel or something like that. >> Read the interview with Daria

Almira, a graduate of Leiden University (the Netherlands): How would it not sound "wrong", but do not take studies too seriously. That hardly helps to make the learning process more effective. Find a good balance between a normal life and a library ;) >> Read the interview with Almirall

Anastasia, a graduate of the programme the MA Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University (UK):

Should not speak loudly in Russian with confidence that around only people who don't speak your native language. At Oxford a lot of Russian-speaking students, and you can accidentally get in an uncomfortable situation.It is not necessary to cut where ever you are. In the UK turn - it's almost like a tradition and a science that should be respected. And you have to remember that there is a situation when the expression “I am sorry” or “Thank you” may be inappropriate or unnecessary. >> Read an interview with Anastasia

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