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As a student, to make payments from the homeland?

The remittances to Britain during the personal visit to the Bank

Transfer from Your account opened in the Bank, will be somewhat cheaper than the transfer without opening an account (cash). You should examine the rates for this service in various banks, because they can vary. If the funds transfer is not in British pounds, the Bank withdraw from Your account a certain percentage for the currency exchange. In order to transfer funds in foreign currency, You will need to show proof of identity, fill in the required form, specifying the following details of the receiver:

  • the name of the beneficiary Bank;
  • SWIFT code of the beneficiary Bank;
  • IBAN code of the beneficiary Bank;
  • the account number of the recipient;
  • Organisation name/ surname of the recipient;
  • payment details (purpose of payment, account number, etc.).

Transfer using Internet banking

The majority of banks of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have already implemented a system of Internet banking and provide their customers the ability to manage the account via the Internet, including to transfer funds abroad. Typically, the rate for transfer is lower than with a personal visit to the Bank.

The use of "native" Bank cards abroad

Being in the UK, You can make payments using debit or credit Bank card issued to you by Your Bank at home. If Your Bank issues a card with an electronic chip and protected by a pin code, make sure it is with this map You go to Britain, because the signature on the check is not practiced here (although possible).

Using your Bank card You can withdraw cash at the checkout in the shop (cash back), to make purchases in stores via the Internet with the exception of shopping in the street markets and in small stores. In some outlets there is a minimum payment limit of the card, which is usually in the range of 5-7 pounds.

When you open a card account in a Russian Bank, make sure that Your card can be used when travelling in Europe. Your relatives will be able to transfer funds to Your card account, and in the UK You will be able to use this card.

If You are under 18 years of age, for example, the Russian Bank will be able to issue You a Bank card only if it is linked to the card account of your parents.