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As University students in Cyprus can obtain a residence permit
As University students in Cyprus can obtain a residence permit
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As University students in Cyprus can obtain a residence permit

The British University of Central Lancashire has opened a campus in Cyprus, which gives international students the opportunity to obtain the diploma of the state recognised British University at a price 20-30% lower than in England - and after years of study, not on a rainy Albion, and on the sun-drenched Cyprus. Many faculties UCLan Cyprus occupies a good position in the rankings, or are famous for the unique structure of programs. For example, the law school considered the best in Cyprus and is the first in the island Room for the moot. >> View all programs UCLan Cyprus

At the same time, Cyprus is one of the most favourable EU countries to obtain a residence permit. We were asked to highlight the main issues of obtaining a Cyprus residence permit Darya Ostapenko, a member of "Oneworld Ltd" – one of the largest companies in Cyprus, which provides legal, Advisory, corporate and other business services, including services for obtaining residence permit and citizenship.

EI: Daria, please tell us what are the main ways of obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus for the citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

Jo:Today more and more families are thinking about the change of residence with the aim of creating optimal conditions for comfortable and safe living, quality education for children recreation. And more and more people opt for Cyprus as the best option, especially if it is planned that children will get higher education here.

The fact that children under 25 years under the financial support of parents, have the right to obtain a permanent residence permit together with their parents. If the children will go to University in Cyprus, they can be considered as dependent members of the applicant's family (parents) and get a residence permit. Among the main requirements for foreign persons who are not citizens of the EU, I note the following:

  • to buy property in Cyprus worth at least € 300.000 excluding VAT;
  • to provide proof of continuous annual income from abroad, regularly transferred to the account opened in a Cypriot Bank in the amount of at least € 30.000 a year, and for each dependent family member additional income of at least € 5,000 per year;
  • transfer of at least € 30.000 for a Deposit in a Cyprus Bank for a period of 3 years - the funds should be transferred from abroad.

EI: what are the advantages of obtaining permanent residence of Cyprus?

D.: advantages of obtaining permanent residence Cyprus quite a lot:

  • the period of registration of permanent residence under the accelerated procedure takes only 2 months;
  • eliminates the need for entry visas;
  • family members of the principal applicant are also eligible to receive permanent residence permit;
  • Permanent residence is issued for an unlimited duration, the extension is not required;
  • no need for a permanent residence in Cyprus;
  • the opportunity to immediately move into the purchased housing;
  • facilitated mobility within the EU;
  • availability of residence permits is one of the factors contributing to in the future granting the Cypriot citizenship.

EI:What are the main advantages of obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus for families, sending children to study in a University in Cyprus?

D. O.: Cyprus offers a wonderful environment for living and raising children, thanks to the excellent school and University education, advanced healthcare and modern infrastructure. In addition, it is important to emphasize that Cyprus has the lowest crime rate in Europe.

The Cyprus residence permit is valid for all family members. It is valid for single/unmarried children under the age of 18 to 25 who can prove that they are students and financially dependent on the applicant. However permanent residence is valid for life after 25 years without filing any other documents.

EI: are There any other issues we need to highlight for our audience?

D. O.:it Should be mentioned that a residence permit does not entitle you to work. However, applicants may include for example, shareholders of companies registered in Cyprus, and dividend income of such companies will not be considered an obstacle to obtaining a residence permit.