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10 tips from Royal Holloway to prospective students of British universities

Studying abroad, no doubt, will be one of the most important experiences of Your life. Preparation for studying in another country scares many, so this article contains ten tips from the representative of the international Department of the University of Royal Holloway for those who think about higher education in the United Kingdom.

1. Find out more about eligible universities and programs.

Each University offers many different specializations, so be sure to give yourself enough time to carefully examine each program and all the existing options. University Royal Holloway offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programsthat are taught in the faculties of Management, Economics and Law, Natural Sciences, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

2. Find out if Your program is a practical training/internship

Practice and internships allow you to gain work experience during training and give You an advantage over other graduates after graduation. Some programs University Royal Holloway have additional internship programs "Year in business" or "Year in industry". Specify whether You need a visa to work. According to the immigration laws of the United Kingdom (Tier 4) students who enrol on programmes of this type and satisfies the relevant criteria, receive a visa with a validity of two years*.

3. Work while training

Part time job will allow You to earn some money, gain new skills and meet new people while studying at the University. Currently, according to Tier 4 international students have the right to work part time up to 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacation. Many universities hold job fairs, temporary employment is so regardless of whether You want to work on campus with their friends or in the city, You will always have a choice. University of Royal Holloway regularly provides jobs for students for a temporary job with a flexible schedule.

4. Scholarships

You have to check whether the University is available to You scholarships or grants? Royal Holloway international students that meet the criteria can apply for a scholarship For"academic achievements".

5. Visa issues

The process of obtaining a British visa can be quite long, so it's best to start it as early as possible. You have to collect all the necessary information and documents for application.

6. Where will You live?

Usually students of British universities in the first year live in halls. This is a great opportunity to find new friends and adapt to life in the United Kingdom. Royal Holloway offers a variety of residence halls with meals included or without, with a private bath in the room or shared on the floor. You will definitely find something to your taste. If You decide to live on campus, near a variety of housing options, and we will help You find the right.

7. Don't forget about your medical insurance

You will be able to use the free national health service (NHS) during training in the United Kingdom after You make the appropriate financial contribution for a visa. Before arrival be sure to complete the full examination by a physician and a dentist to learn about possible health problems and the need to take medication.

8. Travel to the United Kingdom and Europe!

My dream is to enjoy the grandeur of the Eiffel tower or spend a weekend at a ski resort in the Alps? The campus of Royal Holloway is located in only 11 km from London Heathrow airport, from where You can easily and at an attractive price to go anywhere in Europe or the world!

9. Get ready to get acquainted with the weather!

The British, as you know, fans to discuss the weather. The climate in the UK often brings surprises — from rain and snow to bright sun, so bring a good umbrella, but do not forget your favorite pair of sunglasses!

10. Communicate in social networks

Don't forget to find the profile of the University in social networks, view photos, find out the latest news and meet other students on Facebook and not only!

*The material has been provided by the representative of the international Department of Royal Holloway, University of London. In the photo - the building of the Royal Holloway University.