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Racing team Cardiff University made history
Racing team Cardiff University made history
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Racing team Cardiff University made history

Team "Cardiff Racing", consisting of 56 students of the faculty of engineering of Cardiff University, walked more than 130 University teams from around the world and was awarded the title of "Absolute champion".

During the two-day festival, students were able to demonstrate their design and engineering skills. They created the car passed the assessment of the jury, as well as a number of tests on speed and handling.

Representatives of the Institute of mechanical Engineering (Institute of Mechanical Engineers) annually organizes contest "Formula Student", which is attended by student teams from around the world. The event lasts four days and takes place on the race track at Silverstone.

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Participating in the competition car is waiting for two types of tests — dynamic and static. Static tests include the value, presentation and design of the car. In the dynamic part of the competition includes tests on the track with a slippery coating, tests the acceleration and speed as well as endurance testing. The winner is determined by the sum of points obtained by the team for each test.

Team "Cardiff Racing" consists of students of technical Sciences of Cardiff University. It includes, first and foremost, students of the fourth year, working on projects in the automotive industry, and everyone, regardless of of course. Each year for participation in competitions students design and build a single seater racing car.

Photo source: Cardiff Racing

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