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What expenses are covered by scholarship payments

Scholarship payments may be either complete, covering 100% of fees and accommodation in the UK costs, and partial. The latter often compensate for the difference in cost that exists for British and overseas students (Overseas Research Students Award Scheme), the cost of equipment and rental of laboratories and studios etc. Sometimes kompensiruet only one of the listed items of expenditure. Students also have the opportunity to receive small, regular or one-off payments for travel, field research, attending conferences, buying training materials, and other needs. In addition, some scholarship programs together with financing the cost of education, provide the opportunity to teach at his University for a fee (see scholarship School of Law Postgraduate Research Studentships University of Sheffield).


The number of scholarships covering all the expenses of the student, not great. Many scholarships, involving substantial funding, are not awarded for the entire period of study. However, to offset most of the costs for the whole duration of the program exist:


  • in some cases, the University compensates for the difference between the amount issued by Foundation partner scholarships and the total amount of necessary expenses of the student (see, for example, the financing scheme ORSAS + James Watt Scholarship Scottish University. Heriot and watt);
  • many universities offer discounts to graduates of a bachelor degree, wishing to continue education on master programs in the same College or all entered the program to students for academic achievements;
  • a number of scholarships suggests the possibility of an extension if the student managed to show excellent results during the previous funding period;
  • funding can be sought not only within the University but also in other Russian, international or British organizations, receiving different types of material incentives at the same time;
  • for students of the final year students faced with unexpected financial difficulties created by special collections (e.g. Mary Trevelyan Fund or the British Federation of Women Graduates Charitable Foundation).

About the types of scholarship payments, see "the British scholarships: Glossary".


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