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Ways of finding work in the Netherlands for foreign students and graduates
Ways of finding work in the Netherlands for foreign students and graduates
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Ways of finding work in the Netherlands for foreign students and graduates

Higher education received in the Netherlands significantly increases the chances of employment in this country, but also opens up more opportunities to find work. The main options for the student or graduate:

  1. The career service of the University. While studying in a Dutch University you definitely will interact with the career service at your University — at least on the topic of compulsory internships, which are students. However, career services often carry out activities aimed at improving employability skills, explain how to create an attractive resume and CV, how to present yourself in the interview. Actively interact with them and get as much information and assistance during my studies at your University. >> To find universities in the Netherlands
  2. The offer of a permanent place of company where you interned. This practice is quite common in the Netherlands — if your activity on a post of the trainee has earned a high evaluation of the employer, it is likely that he will offer you a permanent job. Moreover, many companies consider training as part of the assessment procedure of the candidate, so the chances of getting a permanent after the internship really high. Please note that universities of applied Sciences of Inholland and HAN, internships included in many bachelor's degree programs.
  3. Job fair for foreign students - for example, work and Careers, Rotterdam job fair in the Amsterdam world trade centre, where you can find work in Amsterdam and other cities in Holland, Emigration Expo in Utrecht.
  4. The international student organization.
  5. Sites for job search. The majority of vacancies on such sites are still designed for employees with experience, but young professionals may here find something: MegaJobs, Monsterboard, Stepstone, NationaleVacaturebank, CareerBuilder.
  6. Initiative summary. Even if the company does not publish information about open vacancies, you may send a resume and cover letter, briefly and concisely explaining why you want to work here — and receive an invitation for an interview! In the Netherlands employers appreciate initiative, independent thinking and openness, and the candidate who demonstrates these qualities gets the advantage. Why send a summary to those who are not looking for employees? The logic is simple — the company may require a new employee, she just has not had time to place an ad.

As a rule, Dutch companies respond to the applicant no earlier than two weeks after receipt of the documents, however, if you doubt that the documents reached the destination in about a week you can call back to clarify this point.

Tips for resume writing and interview skills

For resume writing service use the Europass— so its structure is guaranteed to be correct. Your account on this service you can add other necessary documents — certificates, confirming the level of knowledge of foreign languages, diplomas, etc.

Coming to interview, gather all available information on the company is very important. As for the clothes — both men and women to come in best in suit and female in a pantsuit. Also pay attention to the shoes, it must be perfectly clean and groomed.

At the end of the interview remember to ask a few clarifying questions that you might want to consider and prepare in advance — so you will additionally demonstrate to the recruiter your interest.

Business ethics in the Netherlands differs from that in Russia - the Dutch are fairly straightforward, appreciate the openness and initiative. Try to learn more about how to properly demonstrate these qualities, and be sure to analyze the outcome of each contact with employers - so you quickly get the necessary understanding of the cultural and business characteristics of the Netherlands and find a good job.