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Interview with a student of the University of Birkbeck
Interview with a student of the University of Birkbeck
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Interview with a student of the University of Birkbeck

About his studies at Birkbeck, University of London says a student from Russia - Sergey Baryshnikov.

"Classmates – very different people, mostly working professionals, including many Mature and prosperous people."

Perhaps no one can describe University is better than studying in its students. We talked with Sergey Baryshnikov – a student of the master's program "Management in the creative industries," Birkbeck College, University of London.

Sergey, why you decided to go to Birkbeck, University of London? I agree that it's not the most obvious choice, because many people want to study at University, better known in Russia.

To be honest, the Birkbeck came across by chance when looking for a masters program in the UK. I never wanted to study in the "hyped" universities, because they understood that in most cases, you'll just pay more for name and reputation.
Initially I was looking for the program associated with the management (because my first education in this field), but at the same time wanted some new experiences. When we found the program "Management in the creative industries" at the University of Birkbeck, I saw proposed in the framework of courses and realized that I wanted to go there. Besides, Birkbeck is located in London, it was important to me.

You have only begun to learn. What are your first impressions of the University?

So far I really like: Birkbeck is perfectly located in the center of the campus of the University of London is the heart of London. Very good infrastructure, all sharpened by the students: a great library (with a huge selection of books, audio and video materials), excellent wi-fi in the entire campus, comfortable audience.

Few people know that in London you can study in the evenings and Birkbeck that just provides the opportunity. How's the evening schedule?

Actually it was a surprise! Just arrived at University, I learned that classes are held in the evening and that is connected with the history of Birkbeck. After all, it was originally established so that working people could get an education.
But now I'm used to and I like to sleep and prepare for classes, and in the future it will be possible to find a job or internship to combine with my studies.

How are you classmates? Does formal training schedule on the General atmosphere at the University?

Overall the atmosphere is very friendly. Classmates – very different people, mostly working professionals, including many Mature and established people. On the one hand, it puts some specifics on the format of communication. But on the other hand, you realize that people made a conscious and reasoned choiceby coming to study at Birkbeck. And it's great! Besides, all have completely different experience, therefore, group discussion and collaborative work is always very interesting, always very many constructive comments.

How do you evaluate the level of teaching?

Very high. I especially like that the teaching practices, that is, people know what I'm talking about in the lectures. Professors distanciruemsa from students, on the contrary, try to communicate on equal terms.

Was it difficult to find housing in London? This is usually quite problematic.

It was quite difficult, Yes. But in the end I settled on the fact that offered University and remained very happy. The building in which I live, is situated very close to campus, so I walk, by the standards of London is a real luxury.

Overall, what is your impression of the work of the University employees? Is it easy to ask for help if you need anything?

At Birkbeck it's no problem. All issues are resolved quicklyand staff are struggling to help. This applies to both some technical aspects, and studies. For example, can help with academic English, time management and any other issues.

Sergey, thank you very much for the interview!

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