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What attracts students to the universities of Scotland?

Scotland is a very popular place for higher education. In some higher education institutions in Scotland the number of foreign students reaches 45% of the total. Among the possible reasons can be listed as follows:

  • In Scotland are 4 of the 6 oldest universities in the United Kingdom: St Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. All these universities and some others occupy the top position in the UK rankings, and many of them are the best universities in certain disciplines. All the universities of Scotland, the positions of the stars out here.
  • Scotland – very picturesque countrylocated in a mountainous area. It is famous for its cultural life, cosmopolitan and the annual theatre festival.
  • List of famous scientists, who worked within the walls of the Scottish universities, includes the inventors of the steam engine, television and telephone, one of the creators of the vaccine against cervical cancer and the inventor of penicillin.
  • A significant advantage when choosing a Scottish University is the lack of tuition fees for EU citizens, lower the cost of many programs, compared with the cost of studying in the universities of England, while the cost of living in Scottish towns is much cheaper, than in English.

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