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The chances for admission to the master of Oxford

The competition for admission to Oxford University in the master's degree is usually lowerthan in the undergraduate programs of the University. For this reason, the probability of admission to the magistracy of Oxford is perhaps a qualitatively higher than in the bachelor program.

Sent by applicant documents considers the admissions Committee at University College receiving student. Special attention is paid to:

  • academic success and the grades obtained during the bachelor's studies,
  • professional experience
  • the availability of publications,
  • the knowledge of languages,
  • other academic, professional and community achievements.

Academic excellence is a key success factor, however, this does not mean to act in a magistracy of Oxford is possible only with honors.

The presence of red diploma greatly increases your chances but is not a prerequisite of admission to the magistracy of Oxford. Diploma also cannot guarantee admission to Oxford. The presence of the lowest ratings ("triples") in General, and especially in major subjects will significantly reduce your chances. With threes in the diploma admission to Oxford in a master's degree can be possible only subject to the availability of extraordinary success in the subject discipline to which you are applying.

How difficult is it to come to Oxford for a master's degree varies by program. As a rule, rather difficult to get the programs which is connected with the economy, business and management; accurate science competition - high, but presumably less than a business discipline and perhaps the most easy to overcome the competition on the Humanities.

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