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Admission requirements to Oxford for a master's degree

The basic requirements for admission to Oxford in the magistracy are:

  • The presence of the diploma about the first higher education (bachelor or specialist) with the highest average score,
  • A test confirming the knowledge of English language (IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge ESOL),
  • For admission to specialized programs of the University of Oxford, admission conditions may include requirements writing 1-2 extra essay, prepare a portfolio, presentation of audiovisual data (for music and architecture),
  • Confirmation of availability of funding tuition and accommodation.

Admission requirements for the program correspondence master degree from Oxford may differ from the requirements of full-time programs.

The diploma about the first higher

An important condition of reception of Oxford is the requirement that the bachelor's degree was issued by a fairly well-known in your country the University. In most cases, the University should be public.

If you apply, not having the diploma, entrance requirements Oxford to allow for the provision of information from the Dean's office of your University that an undergraduate degree will be received at the end of the current academic year.

The test of English

Admissions to Oxford will accept the results of several tests on knowledge of English. The University identified two levels of language proficiency standard and high, and the faculties determine which level is required for admission. For all educational (Taught) programmes require a high level of knowledge of the English language.

Test Standard level A high level
IELTS 7.0 (min 6.5 in each part) 7.5 (min 7.0 in each part)
TOEFL 250 (min 4.5 Essay Writing) 267 (min 5.0 Essay Writing)
Cambridge Certificate C B

The application for scholarships

Applications for grants and scholarships for study abroadthat will be able to cover the cost of tuition and / or residence in Oxford in most of the cases are made separately.

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