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What to do in Cambridge (Cambridge) on the first higher - the main sections

The most common type of first degree course in the University of Cambridge (Cambridge University) with a bachelor's degree (BSc, BA, BEng), which takes 3 years. Most of the specialties have the opportunity to continue their education in the "undergraduate master's" (MEng, MMath, etc.), pausing at the University for another year. To obtain a medical degree MBChB we need to study 5 years.

What is the competition for a place on the programs of the first higher in Cambridge?

Methods of admission to Cambridge for a first degree for students from CIS

At what age should one begin to prepare for admission to Cambridge?

Admission requirements and conditions admission to Cambridge

Full list of documents in the application for admission

The time and manner of filing documents in the Cambridge

The cost of first higher in Cambridge for students from Russia

Cambridge scholarship, available to students from CIS countries

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