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What is the competition for a place on the programs of the first higher in Cambridge University?

Each year, approximately 16,000 candidates are fighting for one of the 3,500 seats in the University of Cambridge. About 80% of them receive an invitation for an interview. On average, every fifth applicant is offered a place on the course. According to official statistics of the University, in 2011 in the University of Cambridge received 15389 applications and 3274 students were enrolled. This corresponds to the average of the Cambridge University competition 4.7 people in place and the level of success of individual applications at 21.3%.

Five of the most competitive programs is:

The least competitive programs at the University of Cambridge are:

  • classic (1.9 per place);
  • music;
  • archaeology and anthropology;
  • theology and religious studies;
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic studies.

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