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Higher education in Sweden

Like other Scandinavian countries, Sweden has a high standard of living and a serious approach to the quality of education. The fact that Sweden has the largest number of multinational companies per capita, makes the country very attractive for career development.

Duration of programmes of higher education in Sweden

In Sweden, You may like to study, like to take individual elective courses without following a specific program. However, to get a degree, You need to dial a certain set of the combination of specialized courses. The bachelor programme lasts 3 years, graduate a year or two, and the graduate school, depending on the requirements of your research.

Education in Sweden in English

Swedish universities offer nearly 100 programs of undergraduate and 900 graduate programs, taught in English. The Swedes speak fluent English, so in order to live comfortably in this country, the Swedish language does not necessarily know.

Admission to Swedish universities

For admission enough of a high school diploma or certificate of graduation, issued in the CIS countries. Selection of candidates is based on previous assessments and no entrance exams.

Acceptance of documents for training programs carried out twice a year, winter and summer, the unified admissions Committee. Applicant can apply online by sending the originals by mail. Jobs in the graduate school appear in universities throughout the year.

Cost and scholarships for study in Sweden

Until 2010, the education in this country was free for all, but now foreigners have to pay from 8 to 15 thousand Euro for the year. For certain professions the price is much higher: for example, a medical education can cost 30 thousand euros per year. When you do this, expect to spend around 70 euros per semester on textbooks, and 800 euros per month for accommodation.

Simultaneously with the selection of training programs should pay attention to the scholarships available to You. Unfortunately, not so much at a bachelor level, but the country's legislation allows foreign students to earn while learning without constraints of working hours. For training in a magistracy and postgraduate study is worth exploring the possibilities offered by the Swedish Institute. In addition, most universities offer grants for foreign students. During the period of study masters receive a monthly stipend of about 800 euros. Graduate students are the same and all are in working relations with the University and receive a salary from 1200 to 1600 Euro per month. If You want to stay in Sweden after graduation, you can obtain a temporary residence permit with an invitation to work.

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