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Higher education in Finland

Market specialties Finland is famous for its achievements in the fields of forest management, environmental protection, biotechnology, IT and modern art. In addition, a significant portion of the Finnish population speaks fluent English, so the accommodation will not be complicated by not knowing the local language.

Education in Finland in English

Finnish higher education institutions offer more than 450 programs are taught in English, at all levels of higher education.

Higher education in Finland is provided by two types of HEIs: universities (14 in the country) and universities of applied Sciences, the so-called polytechnics. Universities offer education master's (2 years) and PhD level (4 years). Almost all of the existing undergraduate programs (3-4 years) are taught in the polytechnics. Master is designed to increase the skills of practitioners and lasts 1-1.5 years.

Admission to Finnish universities

The first graduate students from CIS can come right after school. You have to fill an online application form and take the entrance exams. The exams are usually conducted by universities on their own, but in some cases it is possible to take them in several other European countries, including in Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Dmitrov). Some universities support a single database that gives You the opportunity to apply for several programs by passing a single exam. For master's degree admission exams is not required, except for special cases where you may need a portfolio or GMAT.

Cost and scholarships for study in universities of Finland

Education in Finland at the moment is free, except for a few English-language international programmes. Despite this, students need to pay for their accommodation, meals and purchase educational materials. Scholarships exist only on the graduate level, the most common of these is called the CIMO Study in Finland. In some universities, the support of 1500-1800 euros is issued to foreigners who learn well. The possibility of undermining is present, but keep in mind that in Finland it is quite difficult to find a job without Finnish language skills. Graduates are eligible to remain in the country for another 6 months to find a job.

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