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Higher education in Spain

Higher education in Spain can be obtained in two types of educational institutions: the first is the universities and higher technical schools offering all three levels of academic degrees; the second is of the University school of vocational education. In addition, there are University colleges, teaching students in General subjects and prepare them for entry into universities.

The duration of programs of universities of Spain

The Spanish baccalaureate is called Grado and lasts 4 years in most disciplines (except medical and engineering fields). Training in a magistracy and postgraduate study will take 1-2 years.

Education in Spain in English

English-language programs in this country are not many, and mostly they are offered by private business schools. Here are some specialties: marketing, tourism, Economics, elementary education, communications, journalism. Examples of English universities are a Global Business School in Barcelona and Marbella University of Malaga.

Admission to Spanish universities

To enroll in the first year English language programs Spanish University, enough of the document on graduation in the CIS. Depending on the University, you may have to pass an entrance exam or interview. A very popular method of income is a transfer from domestic universities. Any student who completed first year University at home, you may qualify for continuation of training in related specialty of Spain. In this case, no need to pass any additional examinations, admission is based on academic achievement. Typically, students enroll in the second course (even if they are transferred from the third) with credit transfer of subjects passed. To apply twice a year: in spring and autumn.

Cost and scholarships for study in Spain

The cost of one year of study in the public universities is 900-1200 euros for humanitarian professions, 1000-1300 euros on technical skills, and 1600 euros for medical. Affect the price and prestige of the University. So, a year of study at the medical faculty at the University of Barcelona costs € 2400, and to the South of the country – only 750 euros. Education in private universities will cost You from 5 to 18 thousand euros per year. The average cost of master's programs in Spain – 120-240 euros per year. The cost of accommodation and meals can range from € 600 per month in southern areas up to 1500 Euro in large cities. When transferring from domestic universities foreign students gain the same privileges as locals and can apply for many University scholarships. In addition, for financial support can apply to private foundations. Student residence permit gives the right to work 4 hours a day, but this will require a separate permit issued for the term of the contract with the employer. If You have been in Spain for three years, you will be able to obtain a residence permit in this country, but to find a job without knowledge of Spanish is hard enough.

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