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Higher education in Italy

Italy has always played an important role in the development of higher education and was one of the initiators of the transition to the Bologna system of education, named after the Italian city. In Italy there are several specialized research centers, and to obtain a diploma in design and fashion the best country to find.

In Italy there are several types of higher educational institutions. First and foremost, it is the universities University type: public, private, universities for foreigners, and the universities post-graduate level. Non-University level is represented by professional schools of various specializations.

The duration of programs of universities of Italy

Italian higher education degrees correspond to the conventional three-tier system, but have their names. The first step, the equivalent of a bachelor degree, called the Laurea and lasts 3 years. The second stage is of two types: Laurea Specialistica, two-year master's degree with an academic bias; and Diploma di Master Universitario di 1° livello-first level master's degree a year and are often focused on professional activities. Degree third level come in three types: Dottorato di Ricerca, similar to a PhD, which lasts 3 years; Diploma di Specializzazione di 2° livello, professionally-oriented graduate school, from 2 to 6 years old; and the Diploma di Master Universitario di 2° livello, master of the second level, lasting a minimum of 1 year. To receive a profession in the field of medicine and engineering at every level need to learn for a year or two longer than usual.

Education in Italy in English

In Italy there are not so many programmes taught entirely in English. Most of them master's, Economics, business and the creative professions. However, there are two universities that spetsializiruyutsya exclusively on the training of foreigners.

Admission to Italian universities

For admission to the first year of Italian University requires 12 years of education, and therefore school certificate must be supplemented by a year of study at a University or College. The selection of candidates takes place without examinations, but for artistic professions require a portfolio, and for medical and engineering test in major subjects. The rules of admission differ between the programs, what admission procedure looks quite complicated. Therefore, I advise You to read carefully the terms and conditions put forward by the University.

Cost and scholarships for studying in Italy

Training the state of Italian universities is free, including for foreigners. But students need to pay annual contributions with a size of 800-1000 Euro on the bachelor, is somewhat higher in master's degree. In the calculation of the fee takes into account the material condition of the student's family, and on this basis You can get a small government stipend. Italian cultural Institute allocates a number of scholarships available for students from the CIS. To receive them it is desirable to prove the desire to integrate into Italian society and study its culture. Tuition in private universities is paid. Living expenses are highly dependent on Your chosen city, from 600 to 1000 euros per month. While studying foreign students are allowed to earn up to 20 hours per week. To extend an Italian visa after the end of the course, You'll need a job.

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