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Higher education in the Czech Republic

Despite the fact that Czech universities are not leaders in international rankings, higher education in this country has a long history and keeps up with the times. For example, in the Czech Republic is the oldest University in Central Europe – the Charles University founded in 1348. In the Czech Republic enrolled 39 thousand foreigners, which is 10% of the total number of students.

Duration of programs of universities of the Czech Republic

Bachelor programs last 3 to 4 years. The master degree is of two types: continuation of a bachelor degree (1-3 years) or full (4-6 years). Postgraduate course designed for graduates of master's level and lasts about 3 years.

Education in the Czech Republic in English

The range of specialties taught in English, is wide: from literature to medicine.

Admission to Czech universities

While in some other countries, foreign applicants for admission to the University is sufficient to submit the documents, Czech universities have entrance exams common to all. In order to pass them, will have to come to the Czech Republic. The good news is that the school curriculum the Czech Republic and CIS countries are the same, and the Russian certificate is sufficient for admission. Many universities offer one-year courses of University preparation that will increase Your chances on the exams and to adapt to the country.

The application for admission to state universities should be submitted before the end of February, while at private universities the deadlines may not be. In the period from June to September You will be called in the University for the exams. In case of receipt on creative specialties, documents must be submitted early in November and in January-February, have to pass the exams.

Cost and scholarships to study in the Czech Republic

Higher education in Czech state universities is free for citizens of any country, but this applies only to programmes taught in Czech language. The cost of studying in English - from 1.5 to 13 thousand euros per year. The cost of living in the Czech Republic significantly lower than in many other European countries.

For foreign students there are many scholarships and exchange programs. In addition, they have the right to earn while studying as many hours as local. Under Czech law, foreign citizens who have received higher education in the Czech Republic do not need a permit to work. In addition, if during training You will learn the Czech language, You will easily get a permanent residence permit in this country.

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