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Higher education in Denmark

Denmark is popular among foreign students due to its openness, the spread of English and the relative cheapness of a high level of education.

Danish universities can be divided into three types: universities, University colleges and academies of professional higher education. A feature of the Danish system of education is interactivity and exchange of experience. A typical Danish student week consists of 10 hours in the classroom and 30 hours of self-study.

The duration of the programmes of the universities of Denmark

There are several degrees that can be obtained at universities in Denmark. Some programs of professional education imply the possibility to study for a bachelor's degree. The bachelor degree is of two types: academic – 3 years, and with the rate of professional activity – up to 4.5 years. Master's degree takes 2 years and doctoral studies 3.

Education in Denmark in English

Danish higher education institutions offer more than 500 programs in English on a wide range of disciplines, including exact, natural and humanitarian Sciences, technology, business, art and so on.

Admission to Danish universities

For admission to the Russian entrant will need to study at least one year in University at home. Usually entrance exams are only on the creative professions, but each institution may have different requirements. For example, You may be asked to interview or to show good grades for majors. In some cases, the University may deem sufficient certificate of school education with the highest average score, so it makes sense to contact the admissions Committee of interested faculty. Many Danish universities offer training programs with the ability to pass the final exam. The results of this exam can greatly improve Your chances of admission. Admission to master's and doctoral studies based on previous assessments and motivational essays. Sometimes in graduate school accept students people who graduated one year post-graduation level.

Acceptance of documents for the bachelor program takes place twice a year: before 15 March for programs beginning in August and before 1 September for programmes starting in February. To fill out an application online on a single portal, and the original documents sent by mail. Deadlines for admission to master's and postgraduate courses vary depending on program.

Cost and scholarships for studying in Denmark

Education in Denmark is free for EU citizens and Switzerland. If You don't, You will have to pay from 6 to 16 thousand euros per year. Foreign students can apply for scholarship programs such as the Danish Innovation Scholarship. Scholarships the Danish government is for those who aimed at integration into Danish society, learning its language and culture. Monthly expenses of students range from 600 to 1000 euros depending on the city of residence. During the training students are allowed to work 15 hours per week and 37 hours during school holidays. In order to stay in Denmark after graduation, You'll need a job.

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