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Higher education in Norway

Norway is one of the most popular countries among Russian students. In 2012, studied here, approximately 1,500 students from Russia – more than from any other country. Norway is one of the countries where education for foreigners is free, and admission to universities takes place without examinations.

As in many other countries, universities here are divided into the universities offering degree of bachelors, masters and PhD degrees, and colleges providing professional education. In addition, universities are private and public. Following the example of other Scandinavian countries, Norway is a widespread Dolnoslaskie. Choosing a specialty you can like individual courses and then enroll in the University for a specific program.

Education in Norway in English

Program in English is available mainly at the master level, however, there are several bachelor's. So, in 2013, the Norwegian universities and proposed programs of the first higher in the following specialties: biology, acting, shipping, business administration.

Admission to Norwegian universities

The admission to Norwegian universities is usually based on previous grades and motivation letter. More detailed requirements may vary from institution to institution, so they need to learn individually. Applicants from Russia must study at least one year at the University before applying to a Norwegian University. Documents acceptance is carried out from December to March, and classes begin in August.

Cost and scholarships for studying in Norway

Tuition at public universities is free of charge for all population groups. Most private universities are charging students a fee, but even then foreigners are not subject to the additional fees, and overall prices are much lower than in other European countries. In addition, University colleges, there are some specialized commercial programs at masters level.

Foreign students need about 800 euros per month for housing, food and transport. When applying for a visa you must show that you have account for about 11 thousand euros. Each semester students are required to pay 40-70 euros, which covers membership in the University campus and clubs.

For foreign students there are several scholarships fully or partially covering the costs of accommodation and education in private universities. For example, High North Fellowship Program or Nordplus student exchange, aimed at students from the Baltic sea basin. Subject to obtaining separate permits students can earn up to 20 hours per week. In addition, foreign students have the opportunity to take educational loan for 20 years, which in many cases is forgiven when the student's return home. If You wish to stay in Norway after graduation, to extend the visa You need a job.

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