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Higher education in Belgium

Belgium calls itself the "heart of Europe", and for good reason: it is located in the heart of the political, financial and cultural life of the continent. Master of management program of three Belgian business schools included in the list of the best in Europe.

Higher education in this country is provided by the institutions of University and non-University sector. Universities focus on scientific research and broader academic training of students, and University colleges – for vocational education. For the creative specialties there are the Academy of arts.

The duration of programs of universities of Belgium

Belgium has the Bologna system, with three levels of education: a bachelor's degree can be obtained in 3 years master – 1-2 years (for medical specialties – for 3-4 years), doctorate – 3 years.

Education in Belgium in English

Education in Belgium is conducted in three languages; about 200 programs of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses of Belgian universities offered fully in English.

Admission to Belgian universities

For admission to first year of undergraduate enough Belgian school certificate, issued in the CIS countries. Entrance examinations are held only in such subjects as medicine, engineering and art. Common rules for admission to higher education in Belgium does not exist, so it is best in each case to clarify the details on your faculty. Belgium is a rare country where admission is not required a certificate of knowledge of language teaching. Although it saves You from the hassle and cost of the exam, keep in mind that without knowing the language You can last in high school just to the first session. In addition to the certificate You have to provide to the admission Commission the certificates of availability of funds and no criminal record.

Cost and scholarships for study in Belgium

Education in Belgium is largely subsidized by the government. For EU citizens the cost of one year of study at the University is around 800 euros. For other foreigners, this amount is higher: from 2.5 to 4.5 thousand euros. A year of studying in University colleges and academies will be from 200 to 500 Euro for citizens of any country. For accommodation and other expenses must be at least 600 euros per month. For foreign students there are several scholarships that cover the cost of tuition and accommodation, but most of them apply to the post-diploma program. When you search for scholarships is to ask organizations such as the Flemish and the French community in Belgium, the Belgian cooperation. With regard to part-time work foreign students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. In order to stay in Belgium to work after graduation, you need not only a job, but a confirmation that Your place was not worthy Challenger – EU citizen.

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