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Distance, online, and correspondence programs

The Internet makes knowledge more accessible and allows you to get distance education abroad, without changing their way of life completely. Foreign universities provide the flexibility to adjust not only the content but also the schedule of distance learning.

Remote, or remote, education abroad

Online programs abroad taught in different educational levels, from short courses to a full University education abroad — and sometimes even without specifying that you were in absentia. There are many opportunities to study for free, but it is important to understand so you can learn new things, but to accept University diploma and degree — not.

Universities offer higher online education abroad, with the granting of bachelor's, master's and even PhD in many subject areas: history, social Sciences and business, some engineering, it specialties. Even in career-oriented programs involving a considerable amount of practice, you can learn remotely.

Programs of distance higher education abroad includes the following formats:

  • in attendance — fully online or hybrid/blended learning, including rare classes on campus;
  • at the time of training — full-time, part-time.

Learning programs, correspondence and distance education abroad are usually organized in the following ways:

  • independent work on the materials of the University (text, video);
  • participation in lectures and seminars by videoconference, Skype;
  • online + face-to-face visit installation sessions on evenings, weekends or a visit once a month/semester orientation sessions, lasting 2-5 business days.
  • remote or face-to-face examinations, certification, protection.

Adult working people distance education is often the only viable option qualification — it is no coincidence that the majority of Executive MBA programs use remote hybrid format: students come for a week or long weekend to head to the docking classes, and most of the time learning on my own.

How to choose an online program abroad

Choosing a distance-learning programme abroad, pay attention to the following:

  • Do you accept students from abroad need to come to school.
  • University and program is recognized and accredited institutions responsible for higher education in the country.
  • The diploma and an official degree that is recognized and demanded by employers.
  • The type, content and structure of the program, the number of credit hours sufficient to obtain a recognized degree. Assign student “loans” are indicator of stress and an indirect indication of the complexity of learning.
  • The duration and cost of training.

Remember that programs online study abroad, after which you will get a recognized degree and the diploma are paid.

Distance education in Europe

The leader of the Rodina distance learning abroad — UK. The world's first University, established in the format of distance learning is the University of London. The University offers a wide range of programs in the Humanities, business, Finance, law, management, marketing, it, psychology, health. Training is fully online or with support teachers, other British, foreign or local universities (in Russia, this option have a limited number of programs). Graduates receive a prestigious diploma, University of London, without specifying a place of learning.

Another major British University, working in a remote format — Open University. Here students can choose from 230 programs in all fields of knowledge. Particularly noteworthy is the MBA program, which has triple accreditation.

The duration of the remote education abroad at undergraduate is 3-8 years, master —1,5-5 years depending on subject area, degree, and pace of the student. Distance education in Europe, MBA programs usually lasts 1.5-2 years.

The approximate cost of online education in Europe programme-full day:

  • Bachelor/ masters from 6000-12000 Euro per year;
  • MBA 18500-25000 euros for 2 years.

Where else can you get an online education in Europe in English: Wismar University (Germany), Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Nicosia (Cyprus). The choice of programs is relatively small. Many universities are working to implement e-learning, and the opportunity to receive distance higher education in Europe is not limited to the given list.

Online study abroad: USA

The American edition of U. S. News, the famous compiler of rankings of US universities, releases and ratings of online programs in higher education. In 2018 the top 5 American universities offering distance education foreigners abroad, includes:


Position in the ranking UNIVERSITY The best subject area Cost per credit hour $
1 Ohio State University--Columbus Nursing, health services 387
2 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aerospace technologies, business and management 375
3 Temple University Business and management, accounting, marketing, banking, Finance, HR 595
4 Arizona State University General psychology, forensic science, Humanities, communication and rhetoric 510
5 Utah State University General and family psychology, speech therapy, Economics, agricultural business and management 325

The minimum number of credit hours for bachelor's degree — 120-180.


The universities/ cost per credit hour $
Engineering MBA Business (not MBA) It
Columbia University (Fu Foundation)/ 1936$ Carnegie Mellon University/ 1998$ Villanova University/1200$ University of Southern California/ 1937$
University of California--Los Angeles /1000$ University--Bloomington/ 1330$ Arizona State University/1018$ New York University/ 1720$
University of Southern California/ 1937$ University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill/ 1728$ Indiana University--Bloomington/ 1330$ Virginia Tech/ 925$
Pennsylvania State University--World Campus/ 930$ Arizona State University/ 1216$ University of Texas--Dallas/ 1402$ North Carolina State University/ 1407$
Purdue University--West Lafayette/ 1258$ University of Florida/ 1255$ Pennsylvania State University--World Campus/ 1055$ Johns Hopkins University/ 1352$

The minimum number of credit hours for a master's degree after the standard bachelor — 24-36.

How to enroll in an online program abroad

The entrance barriers in online programs abroad are not as diverse as full-time, but knowledge of the language and the average score of the certificate or diploma is always important; in addition, often need references from work or previous places of study. However, this does not mean that to do a part-time easily — universities carry out the selection and, as usual, take the best.

For online and correspondence MBA usually require the same documents as on a full-time program, including high test results, GMAT, motivation letter, recommendation letters.

For help in selecting a program, the preparation of documents for online programs abroad, as well as support for admission, please contact the Education consultants Index.


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