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Remote graduate programs in the field of IT

Duration: from 36 to 72 months, depending on the intensity of the course.
Cost: from £3,500 to £6,500 depending on the selected University.

Typically, in the course of learning remote programs in computer science and IT used the Internet conference and program sharing, and program virtual training (Virtual Learning Environment). The final part of the training is the writing of a thesis. Exams are taken in written form, personal presence of the student on campus is often not required.

Examples of remote programs in IT in universities in the UK can include: MSc in Information Technology, University of Derby (IT and strategic management, University of Derby); PGCert Public Health Informatics University UCLan; MSc in Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire (computer science, University of Hertfordshire); MSc in Information Security University of London (security) (University of London); MSc Web Applications and Services (Web applications and services data management) (University of Leicester); MSc Information System Management (Management information systems) (University of Liverpool); MSc Computing (e-Business) (E-Commerce) (University of Gloucestershire), etc.

As an example of the structure of distance graduate programs in the field of IT can result in MSc Information System Management, course on Management of information systems from the University of Liverpool. This three-year program consists of two modules dedicated to IT technologies and four modules devoted to management theory. The modules you can choose, according to the specialization of the following topics: IT Project Management (Managing IT projects), Technology, and Personnel Management (Management of technology and personnel), Organisation management (Management of organizational processes), Marketing Principles (Principles of marketing), System design (System design), Sofware Testing (software Testing), e-Commerce (E-Commerce), Internet Programming (Internet Programming), Java Programming (Java Programming), IT Company Management (Management of IT companies), IT Engineering (IT, engineering), Communication Systems (Communication systems), Data Bases (data Bases).

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