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What tests are needed for students?

For admission to all universities in the UK for whom English is not a native, you must confirm their language competence, for which there are a number of tests and certificates. No matter which exam would prefer to pass the student, the requirements of the Universities to the level of language training remain high.

Common tests

Admission to all programs and specialties required to provide the results of one taken by University tests. All British universities accept the certificates of IELTS, most TOEFL, some Cambridge ESOL. In addition, some universities accept IESOL (City & Guilds International ESOL) levels Expert and Mastery, PTE (The Pearson Test of English), levels 4, 5 and some other certificates, little known in Russia.

General tests are divided into several sections, test your knowledge of grammar, General vocabulary and their own language skills testing, the skills of listening comprehension, reading, writing. As a rule, give up on computer or paper, sometimes online, in an accredited centre. Depending on the test, are given fixed-term (normally 2 years) and perpetual certificates.

Special tests

Admission to some programs and specialties may be required to undergo a test that detects the presence of such a mindset and personal qualities that will contribute to the success in the development and follow-up activities in the selected subject area. The main special tests for admission to a first degree are:
- LNAT (The National Admissions Test for Law) for lawyers,
- UKCAT (The UK Clinical Aptitude Test) and
- BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) for physicians.

In addition, some universities can offer in the framework of the entrance examinations tests in the subjects – mathematics, literature, history, and TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment), assessing critical thinking and ability to solve different kind of problems. Since all tests assume perfect knowledge of the language, they also serve as indirect evidence of language competence

For admission to graduate programs in most cases, special tests are not required, as a prospective student provides proof of their qualification, the diploma about the first higher education. Store only the requirements common language certificate. With the exception of the MBA program, the admission to which is necessary to successfully pass the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).