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The students taking the GMAT proposed to solve the problem of the new partitions

As reported earlier, the GMAT, the next iPhone is scheduled to launch in June 2012, will include new 30-minute section - "Comprehensive feasibility study". In this regard, in November 2010 was initiated approbation of the issues that can subsequently enter into a new section of the test.

To that end, all students tested 19-24 November, was responsible for 12-15 additional questions presented in a new format. According to the Vice-President of GMAC Ashok Sarathi responsible for the development of programs GMAT, the survey of 740 teachers from different universities of the world showed that the modern program of management training require students to assimilate different types of information, including graphics, and to Express the information in numbers. Therefore, the introduction of the section "Comprehensive feasibility study" required the development of new formats of questions that could effectively measure the skills tested, using innovative technology evaluation.

Become familiar with the format of questions that can be included in a new section later, you can hereand provided on the GMAC website video demonstrates how questions will be displayed on the screen and how to work with them.

In addition to new formats of questions tested the online calculator with the simple functions, which can be used during job execution in the section "Comprehensive feasibility study". However, if responses to other parts of the test to use a calculator will still be prohibited.

Currently, "Comprehensive feasibility study" is an informal part of the exam. The results are not counted in the tabulation of the assessment test and will be used to improve the quality of the section.

Source: The Graduate Management Admission Council