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If your sufficient level of English for admission to a foreign University?
If your sufficient level of English for admission to a foreign University?
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If your sufficient level of English for admission to a foreign University?

For admission to foreign universities, to everyone for whom English is not a native, you need to confirm their language competence through language testing. To provide training to test most effectively, you need to understand what tests are needed to the student when and with what level of English you can start to prepare, at what time and budget you need to meet.

What tests are needed for students

On common and special tests required for admission to universities in the UK can be read here

Training: how to get the best results?

The secret to good results lies not only in the linguistic abilities of the student. Largely, it depends on the motivation and proper organization of the training process. Learning a foreign language is always great and laborious work required to properly plan.

1. Formulate goals and objectives

To form a clear understanding of the goals and tasks that lie ahead, will help the following inputs:
What level of English you can start preparing for the exams
What level of English require universities?
When to start preparation?

1. Define your language level

To determine the current language level of the student will help tests and interviews, which offer all reputable English language schools. Tests, usually available through the Internet, interviews - internally.

3. The designated deadlines

The learning rate primarily depends on the load, quality and regularity of work. However, there are standards developed by the Council of Europe (Council of Europe's Common European Framework), which set comparable to all languages in Europe scale of levels and the number of training time from the beginning of learning to achieve each of them.

To understand which linguistic levels exist, to compare them with the results of the major universities accept tests and calculate how much time is needed to prepare, based on the current language level of the student, to help table at this link.

Preparation for tests is made according to special books. Russian program for an average of 30-40 hours of classroom lessons (from 1 to 4 months depending on intensity of course). For students at Advanced level are offered a one-day program. It should be remembered that the tests impose strict requirements to the structure and content of the answers and essay, and this often causes difficulties for Russian students. Regardless of the level of language proficiency, learn to clearly structure your thoughts in writing is a separate task training.

The developers of the tests recommended to use them to monitor progress in the transition to the next stage. For this purpose, suitable tests of the past, which, in addition, will provide additional training for the future exam.

For better learning a foreign language requires a large amount of independent work. Need more to read, listen, communicate, and practice the skills of the letter, to use the language just for the purpose for which it is studied. It is advisable to pay such class is not less time than grammar and exercises.

4. Choose where, how and with whom to prepare

Depending on job preparation and personal priorities, you can select one of the following methods:

  • Courses in the UK and in Russia
  • With the teacher
  • Independently
  • Practice

How to improve your English and prepare for tests

Plan... act!

  • the designated level of language proficiency;
  • we specify the requirements of the universities and deadlines;
  • choose the most appropriate exam/ certificate;
  • choose the form of training courses, private tutor, self study;
  • select the optimal content, intensity and cost of the language program.

The time to act!