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School education in USA

The correlation with the Russian system and school levels

To obtain a matriculation Certificate, American students need to study 12 years. School education is divided into three levels: Junior (elementary), medium (middle) and senior (high) – each of which is taught in separate educational institution. The duration and age limits of compulsory education differ from state to state. What in English is called kindergarden, then there is a kindergarten is a year of preschool education, where children end up in 5-6 years. The children's garden, where children are placed with 2 to 5 years, called pre-school, which literally translates as "preschool education". Elementary school usually lasts 5 years, the average – from 6 to 8th grade, and high school – 9th-12th grades. An important difference in American schooling from the Russian is a significant number of electives in high school. Part of the program remains mandatory, but the students more freedom in the choice of subjects. Students wishing to study any subject in advanced placement, can sign up for lessons the advanced level.

Educational institutions

Educational institution providing higher education in USA there are private and public. There are several types of state schools: religious, military, schools for children with special needs, boarding schools, etc. are the Most popular among foreigners are boarding schools: parents absolutely do not have to be in the United States that their children got an American education. Moreover, boarding schools have established a reputation as training grounds for admission to the most prestigious universities in the country and the world. Of course, these benefits also affect the cost of education. Usually it is quite high.

Despite the fact that private schools are generally considered more prestigious, some public schools are not inferior to them in quality education. It is in the public schools, serving the major part of American children. Education in them is free, but to attend school only at the place of residence. Therefore, many families tend to live in areas where there are public schools with a good reputation.

Individual attention, the so-called "Charter", or independent, schools (charter schools). This is a public school that provides better education than the ordinary district school. They often spetsializiruyutsya in certain subject disciplines. To study in private schools the question of obtaining a visa a foreign student could be easily solved. But to study in public school are issued a student visa, which gives the student the right to stay in the country for only one year. If the parents move to the United States on a work visa, their child gets the opportunity to learn in a public school for free. In addition, there are exchange programmes giving students from the CIS the opportunity to spend one year in an American school.