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School education in Canada

The correlation with the Russian system

Canadian schools are divided into public and private, and in both there is a special "international" program, designed for foreign children. In québec, compulsory education lasts 11 years, in Nova Scotia – 13, and in other regions of Canada – 12 years. The academic year begins in September and ends in June.

Among private schools, there are boarding schools, and the state provides for the possibility of children in families of guardians. In such programs, students intensively study the English language, take courses on cultural adaptation and preparing for admission to universities. For citizens and residents of the country education in public schools is free.

Primary education in the schools of Canada

First grade children are at the age of 6 or 5 years. Primary education lasts from 1 to 6 or grade 8 (6 to 11 or 13 years). In some provinces, 7-8 classes are allocated in a separate category intermediate – middle school. In the first years of the program consists of compulsory subjects, with the possibility to select part of the courses themselves.

Secondary education in the schools of Canada

Secondary education begins in the 7th or 9th grade (12 or 14) and lasts until the 12th or 13th grade (17 or 18), depending on the province. In high school so the students have more opportunities to explore electives that will help them to enter the University on the desired specialty. In addition, students can choose some items of high complexity (The Advanced Placement (AP) program). The advantage of such courses is that a good score on them can facilitate the process of admission to most universities in Canada, USA and UK.

Educational institutions

Below are the types of educational institutions in Canada offering compulsory education.


School in Russian

School English


Public schools

Public School


Catholic schools

Catholic School


Private schools

Private School

Catholic schools differ from conventional a small number of items of religious themes and a more rigorous discipline.