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Immigration programs for graduates of canadian universities by province

Most canadian provinces have their own immigration programs for graduates. The main condition is the intention to stay and live and work in a particular province.

In order to stay in Quebec, you must be a graduate of the University of Quebec (a minimum of two years of study) over 18 years and know the French language at least at intermediate level. You can apply to begin in the last months of training.

In Ontario there are two kinds of student immigration programs for graduates with job offer in the province; and to graduates of postgraduate and graduate programs state universities of Ontario (job offer not required).

British Columbia stands out for two categories of nominees for permanent residence. The first category includes all foreign students who have graduated from a canadian University within the last two years. The second category is for professionals who have completed graduate or postgraduate studies in the British Columbia one of the most popular specialties.

In Alberta there are two categories of candidates. The first group includes graduates of any canadian University who received a job offer in Alberta. The second category – the graduates of Alberta in the country with a work visa for graduates.

The immigration program of Saskatchewan is open to graduates of all canadian universities with a job offer in the province. Prerequisite – experience of working in Saskatchewan. If You have studied in the province, then six months, and if beyond twenty – four months.

To qualify for special terms, graduates of Manitoba must have a job offer in the province.

Immigration programs of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador are open to graduates of all canadian universities with an invitation to work in the provinces and work visa for graduates.

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