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How to stay in Canada after graduation

Graduates of canadian universities are quite easy to get a work permit in this country. With the entry into force of the new immigration procedures in January 2015 educational programs become even more attractive way to obtain canadian residency.

Types of visas for graduates (post-study visa)

After studying in Canada, most foreign students can obtain temporary work permits for graduates (Post Graduate Work Permit). It is necessary to complete full-time educational program length of at least eight months in one of accredited canadian universities (including vocational colleges). The application must be submitted within 90 days after graduation.

If Your educational program lasted from 8 months to two years, the period of validity of a work visa will most likely coincide with the duration of the course. If You have studied two or more years, you can apply for the longest term is three years.
A state educational funds put immigration restrictions for their fellows, so before you apply for financial support, you should carefully read the rules.

Federal immigration programs for graduates of canadian universities

Having worked in Canada year, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. After living on it three years, You will qualify to apply for citizenship.
For foreigners who have at least one year of experience in Canada, there is a class program "Canadian experience" (Canadian Experience Class). It was developed specifically to give an advantage to those who have already adapted and settled down in the camp, so the applications occurs quickly and with high chances of success.

Another way of immigration – a Federal program for skilled workers (Federal Skilled Worker Program). It is intended for representatives of those professions in which the canadian labour market lacks. All profiles are ranked according to the professional characteristics of the candidates and placed in "reserve". On a regular basis, several candidates with the highest rank are invited to apply for the next step. After this examination of documents will take no more than six months, but the wait in the "reserve" can significantly delay the process.

Useful tips

If You plan to stay in Canada after graduation, your best bet is to pre-select an appropriate immigration program. As for many programs and for many employers is important You have experience in Canada or in the province where You intend to live. Therefore, it is better to start to this experience as soon as possible.
The ideal option of getting some professional experience is an educational program with an internship (Co-op) or volunteering during the holidays. As a student, You are eligible to work on campus or six months after the beginning of training, to obtain a separate permit to work off-campus or internships.

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