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The 10 most popular occupations of Canada

Today, Canada is a dynamic country where the government actively supports the development of new technologies and industries. In addition, extremely rich in natural resources and small population - coupled with the lack of engineering staff - turn Canada into a very welcoming attitude to labor migration in the country. Thus, unlike many developed countries, job offer in Canada, can be a reason to participate in the programs of the government of the country by naturalization. With this purpose, organized by the Ministry of migration Canada.

As the country's economy is booming, the labor market in Canada is in constant need for new personnel. Therefore, employment in priority is accompanied by support from the government. Accordingly, the canadian authorities invited to work frames the following categories:

  • “Base type” managers, primarily in the mining and restorators industries
  • “Level A” staff with higher education (today's most popular architects and doctors)
  • “Level B” - people with secondary special education, for example, electricians and cooks
  • And “Levels s” and “D” - drivers, salesmen, farmers.

Depending on the intended “level” of work, the government of Canada offers immigration programs. “Express”migration is only possible for applicants with higher education, and to participate in the official government program on employment of 100 points you must score a minimum of 67: 28 points for language proficiency, 25 - degree, 15 - experience, 12 - age 10 - invitation from the employer and 10 - capacity to adapt. For candidates on levels “C” and “D” of Federal programs is not provided, but immigration procedures can run the province of the employer.

The most popular profession

Open positions are presented aranzhirovany list on the website of the government of Canada, which is updated annually. Today in the list of 347 positions, from radio host to civil servants. However, the most numerous jobs are open in such sectors as extractive industry, logging industry, medicine and engineering.

According to the government of Canada, in 2018, the most demanded professions were:

Experts on retail sales.

According to the government of Canada, in 2018, there were more than 8500 open vacancies with an average wage of $65 thousand. a year. All professions in this sector, from mortgage holders and insurers to technical specialists belong to the class “B”. The nature of the work does not have a country-specific context.

Auditors and accountants

The rapid development of the private sector in Canada, that is, the increase and consolidation of private firms, generates a corresponding demand for specialists able to conduct the audit of the company and lead its financial accounts in order. In 2018 there are more than 720 jobs with an average wage of $70 thousand. However, requirements for the candidates - only the “a”class.


Canada, among developed countries, has a special reputation of its mining industry is very wide, there are oil, gas, and minerals, and nonferrous metals, so the business makes an increased demand for qualified professionals in these areas with an annual salary of $90 thousand.

Business analysts and managers to work with staff

The growth of domestic production in Canada, generates a high demand for people able to lead the development strategy of enterprises of all sectors. Therefore, the government and the company in Canada are in dire need of analysts, economists and programmers are ready to develop the business. Average annual wages - $80 thousand Dollars. But wiscoy requirements - only candidates grade “A”.

It professionals

The rapid digitization of the Canadian economy has led to the fact that in the country there is an acute shortage of programmers. And qualifications - Canada invites you to the work primarily of software developers. Canada is the second country in the world that officially authorized the operation in cryptocurrency and the first to seek to transfer the work of all organs and enterprises in the technology based on the blockchain. The average salary high - from $100 thousand dollars. a year.

To summarize, we can say that Canada is an incredibly welcoming and attractive country for those seeking a job and plans to immigrate. State support and a shortage of personnel in these industries is not just advertising, and a direct willingness of employers to accept people from foreign countries.