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MBA majoring in logistics

Logistics or management organization of supply chains (supply chain management) is a rapidly growing segment of the labor market. The increasing volume of international trade, and the fact that the most intimate and intense connections are formed in international companies, obstavlyaya high demand for graduates of business schools in this area.

MBA in logistics - what is it?

International trade is the backbone of the global economy. Therefore, MBA in logistics differ from each other depending on the method and form of supply of goods and services. Conventionally, there are two types of MBA: the type of supply - sea, land, air transportation and function (chain management, supply planning, quality control). Therefore, MBA programs vary greatly, which is reflected in the curriculum. Future specialists in types of supply are immersed in marine transportation: types of vessels, especially cross-country record keeping, commercial correspondence, cross-cultural communication. Students of business schools in the direction of the strategy or the organization's supply chain study the peculiarities of intra-firm interaction, life cycle of goods, control of performance of deliveries. This division is conditional, so there is the core of subjects and disciplines faced by all the students of business schools:

  • Market analysis
  • Leadership
  • Information technology
  • Globalization
  • Management of the company
  • Marketing
  • Corporate law
  • Personnel management
  • Strategic planning

Specialized courses are already fully depend on the direction. So, MBA program for “Maritime” logistics offer the following items:

  • Economics and management of sea ports
  • Economy sea freight
  • The organization of supply chains by sea

Accordingly, future specialists in air will be studied:

  • Governance and management of airports
  • Pricing strategy in airline business
  • The organization of air transportation

In the business schools at the “functional” logistics list of studied disciplines are usually the following:

  • Financial analysis
  • The organization of supply chains
  • Techniques and characteristics of transport supply
  • Logistics management
  • The warehousing businesses

MBA program aimed at studying the most General of logistics, usually also include a variety of mathematical disciplines and disciplines for data analysis.

Who are the graduates of MBA programs in logistics?

According to experts from the industry and the supply of the extremely fascinating job, which, however, is often demanding. Future employees warning that the working week may become irregular - 70's and even 80 hours. Of course, with appropriate payment, logistics managers are highly valued, their average salary is around 120 thousand dollars. a year. You should also consider the fact that business schools work closely with major companies in the industry, so many prestigious programmes are taught in most “trading” and “transit” countries: Holland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Spain and so on. The most in-demand professions in the field of logistics today are:

Manager on organization of supply chains. Work in this specialty is the direct creation of transport and trade networks and control over their execution.

Analyst of supply chains. In this work, from the employee requires constant supervision on the activity and efficiency of supply. Accordingly, more demand for Analytics skills (including possession of mathematical tools, programming languages).

Coordinator for logistics. As a rule, work in the field: trips, traveling. From the employee require timely control over the delivery of their organization “on the spot”, the solution of problematic issues.